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Chess challenges for: admin
Type Challenger Created Color Option Rated game
Individual challenge: Tiamat admin 2009/7/29 20:05 white Yes

Chess games for: admin
Game Last activity Status Rated game
110 ForceFlow vs. admin 2011/8/5 18:23 ForceFlow to move Yes
74 Samweiz vs. admin 2008/5/27 21:32 Samweiz to move Yes
77 Dusty vs. admin 2008/5/12 1:09 admin lost Yes
4 BrJohn vs. admin 2008/2/3 21:29 BrJohn to move Yes
72 admin vs. Gorgondo 2008/1/2 0:19 Gorgondo to move Yes
73 Nemo vs. admin 2007/12/30 20:27 admin won Yes
58 Nemo vs. admin 2007/12/19 1:24 admin lost Yes
6 thudthorax vs. admin 2007/11/24 15:28 thudthorax to move Yes
12 Sisan_Armad vs. admin 2007/3/12 2:53 Sisan_Armad to move Yes
17 admin vs. Kanai 2006/12/15 10:20 Kanai to move Yes
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Chess stats for: admin
Ranked 4
Rating 1081
Rated games played 7
Won Lost Drawn
1 6 0

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