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Ceremonial Lightsabre Hilts
lightsaber sketch #1

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Sketches of Sabers

Sketches of SabersPopular
SubmitterDevlhinMore Photos from Devlhin   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/8/7 20:52    
Hits747  Comments1    
Hopefully I'll be able to really make these one day :)

Meditation Box

Meditation BoxPopular
SubmitterDevlhinMore Photos from Devlhin   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/8/7 18:05    
Hits751  Comments2    
Box of things I use for meditation, along with a small journal I use to record thoughts for when I don't have my laptop.

My Sword

My SwordPopular
SubmitterDevlhinMore Photos from Devlhin   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/8/7 17:36    
Hits755  Comments0    
This is my sword I use to practice swordsmanship. I love the length and weight. It's not too long and just the right weight for me. (I'm 5' 8", kinda short compared to everyone around me, lol)

One of my senior pictures

One of my senior picturesPopular
SubmitterDevlhinMore Photos from Devlhin   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/8/7 16:17    
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SubmitterMikeBudoMore Photos from MikeBudo   CategoryFriends and Family    Last Update2012/7/21 9:32    
Hits934  Comments0    
Summer Camp 2011

SwordOfTheSamurai2 copy.jpg

SwordOfTheSamurai2 copy.jpgPopular
SubmitterOctagonMore Photos from Octagon   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/7/20 12:12    
Hits840  Comments0    


SubmitterOctagonMore Photos from Octagon   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/7/20 12:10    
Hits790  Comments1    

Jedi Certificates Are Back!!!

Jedi Certificates Are Back!!!Popular
SubmitterJuvehil_Aurelius_KaeMore Photos from Juvehil_Aurelius_Kae   CategoryJuvehil Kae's Gallery    Last Update2012/7/19 2:38    
Hits890  Comments1    
Once done by Master Octagon, the certificates are back...

-Can be done for any ranking, position, or achievement

-Send all info to my FaceBook page personal messaging...That mail is linked to my phone so I'll get it quicker...serach: ANTHONY KOVALSKY

-Certificates will be sent via email, so leave that info as well... size will be a full 11 x 8.5

-Have one made for your students or even for yourself!

-Looks great in a frame!

and if you act now, we'll send you the second one ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!...hahaha

It's free to begin with anyhoo... enjoy :)

Rozen's Knight lightsaber

Rozen's Knight lightsaberPopular
SubmitterRozen_MiraxMore Photos from Rozen_Mirax   CategoryCeremonial Lightsabre Hilts    Last Update2012/7/12 22:47    
Hits920  Comments0    

Just the external, I don't have the guts in it yet. Made of galvanized steel pipe core, chrome plated aluminum detailing, leather, and (sad to say) pvc for the emitter until I can get a hold of somebody's forge for a day. Uncounted layers of weathering included being thrown against rocky cement, dancing on, hitting with a screwdriver, and layer after layer of flat black spraypaint.

The primary symbols represent focus, experience, infinite interconnectedness, and the inner master.

Rozen's haircut

Rozen's haircutPopular
SubmitterRozen_MiraxMore Photos from Rozen_Mirax   CategoryGeneral Images    Last Update2012/7/9 22:26    
Hits801  Comments0    
I cut one or two.

Photo No. 81-90 (out of 757 photos hit)
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