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Sword training
Sword trainingPopular
SubmitterJadetigresseMore Photos from Jadetigresse   Last Update2008/1/24 10:02    
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I taught the Kenjutsu class at the 2006 Lousiana Jedi gather, with the Help of Sensei Leo, who is Master of the Jedi Guardians standing there in the brown tunic.  He is an Aiki-jujitsu Master, who is also skilled in Kenjutsu. We had a great time that weekend.  

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Published: 2011/9/30 2:55  Updated: 2011/9/30 2:57
Joined: 2011/9/20
From: Washington
Comments: 822
 Re: Sword training
Something to keep in mind, Zephoniel, is that what some people will see as disrespect others will disregard as nothing more than an occurrence; neither respectful nor disrespectful. Likewise what some people see as respect others see as disrespect and vice versa.

I have been to several dojos that disregard the practices of respect normally taught in a dojo to better focus on the purpose of the dojo. For example, a dojo I went to in Idaho didn't care about shoes on the floor so long as they were not worn during practice because shoes would increase the risk of someone getting hurt. Another dojo over in Oregon didn't care about shoes so long as they were not worn in practice and were not muddy. It is normally very disrespectful to wear shoes indoors and in a dojo, but this is America. Not China, Japan, or any other Eastern country.

The focus of the art is the art itself. Most dojos here won't worry so much about the other details usually associated with the dojo because those details can distract from the art that is being taught. Normally, around here, you have to go to a dojo that advertises itself as traditional to get the additional teachings.

Judging by the fact that they are not wearing identical/similar uniforms, they are not in any particular formation, they are not standing at attention while someone speaks nor do they appear to be practicing a given task, and it was a Jedi convention, I doubt the traditional art was focused on as much as the art itself.
Published: 2010/2/22 22:49  Updated: 2010/2/22 22:49
Joined: 2010/2/19
From: Brazil
Comments: 1
 Re: Sword training
If it were in my dojo, the senpais would beaten in that "master" just because of the disrespect with the sword when he puts the tip touching the ground. I have no idea what style or art you practice, but no Japanese art of sword will allow it, even with a shinai ... PS: I am a student of Kenjutsu / Iaijutsu Niten Institute in Brazil, not a crazy internet curious .... =/
Published: 2008/1/30 10:23  Updated: 2008/1/30 10:23
Joined: 2007/1/9
Comments: 317
 Re: Sword training
I have three questions. One, who/what are the Jedi Guardians. Two, how does one join them. and Three, why does that blonde jedi lady have no pants on. Not that its a problem, but still, it makes me wonder.