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SubmitterJuvehil_Aurelius_KaeMore Photos from Juvehil_Aurelius_Kae   Last Update2009/2/13 21:39    
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A quick run-down of the seven forms of Lightsaber Combat...Featuring a version of that little "Krull" design in the top right-hand corner of the menu screen...just for fun...

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Published: 2011/9/28 1:36  Updated: 2011/9/28 1:36
Joined: 2011/9/20
From: Washington
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Thank you, Jevehil Kae, for posting this image. I learned allot about the use of lightsabers by looking up those names. I'll share a sumary of what I found for each form.

All information following this sentence was gathered from Wookieepedia and summarized by me for the quick explanation of each form.

Shii-Cho is the most basic from of lightsaber combat. Also called "The Way of the Sarlacc" or "The Determination Form." This is often the first style used by padawans who are still learning to use and adapting to the feel of a lightsaber.

Makashi, also known as "The Way of the Ysalamiri" or "The Contention Form" is the form for lightsaber dueling relying more on precision and efficiency over Shii-Cho's wild and sweeping motions. This form was used by Count Dooku.

Soresu was created by Master Mace Windu and mastered by Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is a defensive form for deflecting the bolts from blaster weapons. It is known as the "Way of the Mynock" or "The Resilience Form."

Ataru stretches back to the Old Republic in Star Wars history where it was the most commonly used form for Jedi. It is fast paced and effective against single opponents, but weaker in prolonged combat and confined spaces. It is both an offensive and defensive style also known as "Way of the Hawk-Bat" or "The Aggression Form."

Shien/Djem So is somewhat an extension of Soresu, used by the practitioners who believe it is unnecessary to remain in a defensive stance for extended periods of time. Also known as "The Way of the Krayt Dragon" or "The Perseverance Form," this was the style of Anakin. Shien and Djem So are actually different stances of the same form with Shien being more it's classical counter-part and Djem So being more the offensive addition. Though many Jedi practiced this, many Jedi believed it encouraged aggression and domination.

Niman is a simple style with no specific strengths, but no weaknesses either. It focuses on balance and is known as "The Way of the Rancor," or perhaps more accurately either "The Moderation Form" or "The Diplomat's Form." It was used by many Jedi including Obi-Wan on necessary occasions as well as Darth Maul and possibly Grievous.

Juyo/Vaapad is described as the most vicious form of lightsaber combat and requires significant internal focus for the user. Though a number of Jedi Masters practiced this form including Vrook Lamar (Old Republic) and Mace Windu, it eventually became restricted knowledge by the Jedi Order, whose members were worried that its precepts would lead practitioners to the dark side. Darth Maul also practiced this one as well as Galen Marek. It is known as "The Way of the Vornskr" and "The Ferocity Form."

According to Yoda on the topic of lightsaber forms, "Six there were for generations of Jedi. The seventh, is not well-known. Powerful form it is. Deadliest of all. But dangerous it is, for its master as well as its opponent. Few have studied. One student alone, to mastery has risen." Beneath this quote is an image of Darth Maul fighting Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on Naboo. It is implied that only Darth Maul ever mastered the Ferocity Form.