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SubmitterJuvehil_Aurelius_KaeMore Photos from Juvehil_Aurelius_Kae   Last Update2009/3/12 9:10    
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Here is a digital render of the Jedi staff idea. As you can see, it progresses as you progress. Imagine walking down a hallway in the Temple. With this staff and the colored O-Rings, you can clearly identify the rank of your fellow Jedi. Like if a Master was just wondering around, and wanted to maybe speak to a Padawan in passing. Well, with this idea, you can clearly see the rank from down the hall without the embarrassing question of, “hey, excuse me, are you a Padawan?” And then you find out he or she is a Master that you have not met! WOOPS!...lol…

Same thing goes for an Apprentice seeking out a Master to speak with. Just find a fellow Jedi with the colors filled to green on the staff, and it’ll save you from questioning the entire Temple!

Also, notice the grip below the colored notches. Not only is it decorative, but turn your staff upside-down and it doubles as a training tool! Like a lightsaber without the technology. Martial artists practice their sword techniques and spar with other by using a wooden sword…This would be the inspirational concept for this! Then when you’re done with your exercises, turn it back around to go back to normal “staff-mode”…You can take it with you on long walks, like a walking stick, then when you’re out in an open field, you can do some saber exercises…(I feel like I should be advertising this on television!...lolol)

Well, that concludes my proposition on this matter…Suggestions and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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