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Juvehil Kae's Saber Hilt In Progress
Juvehil Kae's Saber Hilt In ProgressPopular
SubmitterJuvehil_Aurelius_KaeMore Photos from Juvehil_Aurelius_Kae   Last Update2011/12/19 10:00    
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Designed in 2009 by Juvehil Kae
Contructed in 2011 by Rozen Mirax

Thank you, dearest Jedi friend...Can't wait to see the finished product.

If you'd like to contribute your comments Rozen, and tell everyone what exactly went into to this, I would be honored.

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Author Thread
Published: 2011/12/19 18:25  Updated: 2011/12/19 18:25
Joined: 2011/6/27
From: Oregon USA
Comments: 1749
 Re: Juvehil Kae's Saber Hilt In Progress
It was absolutely my pleasure. :)

To make this particular saber hilt, I started with 1" and 1 1/2" diameter pvc pipe, cut to your specifications. The hardest part was probably routing the accordian tubing with nothing but a few c-clamps and a .5" dremel sanding disk.

After all the pieces were cut and sanded, I used plastic bonding epoxy to hold the parts togeather, painted it, and set the crystals. A few quick layers of clear top-coat, and I applied the fire after doing some damage weathering (my favorite part). Let the whole thing settle overnight, slapped on a few more top-coat layers, and it was just about ready to go. Recycled a black t-shirt for the grip, stitched into place. The cloth it came wrapped in was a bandana I used while enlisted in the Marines. Cut off the end of a dowel and painted with the the crest you provided in your photo, and viola! Custom lightsaber hilt!