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Re: Jedi Legitimacy...why do we dis' ourselves?
2007/4/26 15:41
From Skopje, Macedonia
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I agree with Asta too, and Karen and Kyp.

I'm also one of those who came back,
I was away for half a year(I didn't have internet-and that was the reason). I'm not afraid or shy to anounce that I walk the Jedi path, and train in the ways of the Force(and I do take it seriosly).

Here at the Temple there are more people like me, people who understand me, allthow I may be the youngest here (I'm 15)For that I respect you all.

You won't find another site like this, where true Jedi come, and learn from eachother.

We should be proud that we're Jedi, no matter what people say...

Posted on: 2007/4/30 13:42
-If you do not control your emotions, your emotions will control you.
-Do what you say, say what you think.
-Be careful what you wish for - trust me!
My ally is The Force, and a powerfull ally it is!
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