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Jedi Initiate
2016/5/24 11:39
From Republic of South Africa
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Masters, Knights, Jedi all; greetings.

I am a 53 year old male working as a process controller in a petrochemical facility and reside in the Western Cape, Republic of South Africa.

Thank you for admitting me to this noble community.

Since I can remember, I have been a sceptic; challenging the common societal conventions that everybody else seems to accept without question. This has obviously branded me as a “rebel”. At least in the society that I grew up in – and pretty much still the one I live in today – independent critical thinking and inquiry into the nature of reality is not exactly winning any accolades.

Still I question.

Generally speaking, the convention is that if a person at my age is still asking the fundamental questions – Why is there something, rather than nothing; Where does all this come from; Why am I here; Where am I going; What am I supposed to do right now, etc. – something is very wrong.

Indeed; something IS very wrong.

If there is one fact that I have learned in my 30-odd years working in a scientific environment, it is that perceptions (mine – especially mine – included), although very real, are almost always wrong. Our eyes and ears deceive us quite often, and things are seldom the way we think they are.

And so I question.

Since I stumbled onto this website (how that happened is content for the Re-Introduction, I believe – should I be admitted as an Initiate), there is something vaguely familiar staring me in the face, but I cannot quite identify it. It is as if something is calling me to come closer …

And so I question.

Maybe at 53 years old not exactly an ideal candidate, I humbly and respectfully petition to be admitted as an Initiate to the Temple of The Jedi Force.

Masters … *bows*

Posted on: 2016/5/27 10:58
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