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Getting started

2011/11/10 9:31
From Clovis, CA
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I am new here, and know nothing about how this temple works. I would like to know how to get started, how ranks are achieved, and how to become apprenticed. Me and my best friend tried to do some lightsaber training using wookiepedia, but I feel it is too in deep of a concept to not have a set of instructions. I am a huge fan and want to film movies, but I am very inflexible, as I have knee problems because I am 6'4" at 16 years of age. I want to get in shape but have always had a problem with getting a consistent workout. Any help would be welcomed. I am trying to eat mostly tofu soon to help me lose much needed weight. I weigh 250. Imnot fat, but out of shape. Any wise counsel is much welcomed. Thank you masters.

Posted on: 2011/11/10 10:15
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