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Re: Perhaps a while off, but lets have at it again....
2006/6/12 20:21
From Ellijay GA
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As far as making our dream a reality, we would need mega funding.

Well as far as funding is concerned, I'd approach it like this: First you start by forming local chapters in your hometown. As the chapters grow you can then start to function like a normal church, accepting alms for the administration of the temple chapter. After deducting operating costs you then deposit the remaining donations in a temple account. When we've reached a large number of chapters all collecting alms then our shared dream of a central temple will be well in our sights. Add to that the fact you've now not only by this time and with experience (writing sermons for discussion, offering community service and running outreach programs) solidified the core of Jediism and brought it out to the public, you've also taken it from a dream on the net and in to the real, functioning world. Of corse the logistics of forming chapters would have to be worked out by the council but I believe something like this would most definitely get the ball rolling. And you can't dye me green but I will dress like a hobbit every day Jyn. I'll even speak a little sindarian from time to time.

Posted on: 2008/3/8 10:29
"Om is the bow, the arrow is the soul, Brahman is the arrow's goal at which one aims unflinchingly."
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Re: Perhaps a while off, but lets have at it again....
2007/1/9 16:57
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Grayson, I also think the room of a thousand fountains is a good idea. However, I think maybe instead of having five buildings, we should just have one. It would create more of a sense of unity. Just a thought. Also, I like the semi-wooded area plan, and also think we should have one of those garden labyrinth(sp?) thingies with the tall bushes on the temple grounds aswell.

Merin, I like that idea, and have considered it before. I intend to do something quite like that. Once I reach Knighthood, I will put out a call for all jedi in like a tri county area, and I will atempt to form a mini jedi temple.

Posted on: 2008/3/12 9:56
"There is no shame in falling, there is only shame if you refuse to rise once again." - Master Pernicar to Lord Hood in Darth Bane:Path of Destruction
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