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2006/5/23 13:21
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Guys now im back i feel a need to share this with you.

Me and my Dad have both been diagnosed with glaucoma.
I understand this means that eventually i will go blind but can someone feed some more knowledge into this so i feel more comfortable. WAnna know as much as i can at this age while my eyes are still quite good

Posted on: 2008/4/29 12:00
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Re: Illness
2008/3/31 14:52
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Well, I dont have Glaucoma but I have had Papilledema and severe retinopathy and lots n lots of laser treatment and have quite severe visual impairment. I know none of this helps you in anyway, but at the Grand olde age of 33 I can sympathise with the impact loss of vision has. But the upside is that you can and will adapt, and if you take your time, you can find alot of help and advice on the internet, and ought to be able to locate some advice centres who deal solely with your condition. Haven't your eye care teams offered or given any adequate information? you are entitled to the full and honest truth of it all after all

If you feel the need to talk or ask more, you know where i am ;)


Posted on: 2008/4/29 14:28
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Re: Illness
Master (USA)
2006/6/6 0:26
From michigan
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i did a report on this in high school. what i remember from it is that glaucoma is caused by the backs of your eyes not draining properly. two small muscles swell and cause a blockage so the fluid builds up behind your eye. this causes headaches and diminished eye sight. generally your periferal(sp) vision is very bad and gets worse over time. i know there are some medications for this that HELP, they dont cure but they will ease the symptoms a bit, and i also thought there was a surgery that could be done to take care of it. but it has been years since my report so don't quote me there.

Posted on: 2008/4/29 16:53
Ask me about fish...and i mean ask me anything about fish, it's sick how much i know about fish now.
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