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AIT Jedi (Advanced Individual Training)
2009/5/16 16:08
Posts: 210

The Advanced Individual Training JEDI site is dedicated to helping JEDI find their own path within the JEDI Order. We are not a site looking to advance people into JEDI Knights or JEDI Masters, or any other specialty path that people are looking for.

You may be happy that our board does not have a site for younglings, padawan, knights or masters. Ranks are for the military and traditional martial art styles not for online JEDI sites. The reason for this is because not all sites follow the same program and not all ranks are giving to those who honestly deserve them.

To make things easy we have decided to put everyone into the JEDI Knight member class after their 3rd post. We are kindly requesting that you do not add Knight or Master into your name upon signing up. We do not want people being confused with a rank from another site, or a self appointed rank of the individual with the admin team of the board. If you have in fact earned such a title on another site then I would like to be the first to congratulate you on this accomplishment but like a black belt in Shaolin Kempo starting Taekwondo your rank will not apply at our board.

The Admin Team
“The Knights” are a group of JEDI dedicated to walking the JEDI path in life not just on the internet. We walk the JEDI path in every aspect of our lives and use every day as a gift to demonstrate our dedication and to better ourselves. We do have our own certifications within the group, however none of those standards will be listed here, instead we are going to focus on our certifications that we have earned from schools, and organizations outside of our group.

All members are certified First Responders through The Red Cross of America. Our certifications are in child and a adult CPR and Basic First Aid.

JEDI Healers
The members Leading the JEDI Healer section are certified Reiki Masters in the following reiki styles. Tibetan, Usui, Ahara (Egyptian), Celtic Reiki, as well as Reiki Treatments using Crystal Reiki. Truthfully most of these styles are similar to each other with differences with symbols and some treatment differences.

At this point we are only planning to cover the Usui Reiki system and perhaps the use of Crystals in energy healing. All those who take part in the Reiki Program WILL be certified in Reiki 1 Student level, Reiki 2 Healer Level, and Reiki 3 Master Level. Full Distance Attunements will be given as well as Certification in each Reiki Level so the Reiki Healer and Master can start their own Reiki Practice in their own lives.

JEDI Guardians
This program will also be lead by 2 individuals. One of whom is trained in multi styles with certification to teach in 2 styles. The other individual is a certified black belt through the Kukkiwon, the center of Taekwondo that issues certificates to those of 1st degree black belt and higher.

The practical application section will provide basic self defense training through reading as well as video instructions. The goal of this section is to teach basic self defense, however we believe the best training is through a certified martial arts instructor in a real life situation. By taking classes you will have a person who can correct your technique, stances, as well as a individual who can strengthen your strengths will eliminating your weaknesses. Another advantage of taking classes at a school is training with other people which helps work on skills, techniques and sparring abilities.

To prepare people for training in traditional martial arts we are also going to be providing information on a number of different martial art styles that will cover history, philosophy, advantages and disadvantages. We are hopeful that any member who takes a traditional martial art will either share their own experience on topics already started or will start a topic for a style that is not currently listed.

Thankfully most situations will not deal with physical confrontation so we are also going to provide information for controlling situations and keeping things calm.

JEDI Scholar Program
This program is to help develop a better understanding of JEDI 101 training. It is based off of our own JEDI program with other areas of interest many sites. The goal of the scholar program encourage people to study all aspects of the JEDI life.

Mental Training
This program will be a program for those who are interested in reading and studying. It will cover discussions on books from the extended universe from a research point of view with lessons or concepts we as JEDI can apply into our every day lives. Everyone who is interested in this section should start collecting and reading the books of the extended universe.

Non Fiction Studied
Philosophy is a important aspect of JEDI training. We are planning to cover a number of areas from spiritual studies to the religions of today. We encourage everyone who posts to these boards to have a open mind and be prepared to have people who will not agree with you at every turn. Thankfully as JEDI we do not need to agree all the times and diversity in training will make the individual stronger.

Spiritual Training
I would say that members of “The Knights” are all certified clergy of the Universal Life Church, but since anyone can do this in moments I do not think it would matter to much.

The spiritual training will have a number of meditation techniques as well as guided meditation audio clips and links to extremely interesting you tube clips. We will also list concepts 5 days a week for those interested to explore, mediate and talk about.

Physical Jedi Training
This program will be lead by a certified personal trainer. The basic focus on this board will be to discuss health and fitness for strengthening and toning the muscle groups. We will discuss strength training, cardio training, flexibility training and other related topics. We will also discuss basics on supplements but we encourage everyone to talk to a doctor before trying any exercise, or taking any supplements.

Posted on: 2009/5/31 13:14
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Re: AIT Jedi (Advanced Individual Training)
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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Thanks for the information. I wish you the best in this adventure. MTFBWY

Posted on: 2009/5/31 14:57
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