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my mind is in darkness
2009/8/7 9:47
From Alexandria, VA
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For about a month now, I have been going through a very emotionally and mentally taxing situation that has absorbed all my time and stamina.

CPS attempted to sieze my son due to the unhealthy living conditions my room mate forced my family and I to live in. They gave me an option: either my son is taken by the state, or he is sent to live with my parents without his mothers consent, because she was viewed as a "flight risk", basically someone who would grab him and disappear to live off my money.

As much as it tore me up to do it, I agreed to give my son to my parents. My girlfriend begged me for answers I was not allowed to give. She made me feel as though I had betrayed her.

When time came for her first visitation, she attempted to kidnap my son, as the CPS workers thought she might. I was devistated, and because I was the only one allowed to talk to her, they assumed I had something to do with it. And for that, my rights to my son were taken away.

I haven't felt this way since the time all my friends turned on me, only this time is far worse, for now my family won't speak to me either. It feels just like it did when I joined the sith long ago. I do not wish to go back to the darkside, but lately it swells in my mind like a malignant tumor.

Am I never going to escape this false betrayer title that the world constantly wishes to thrust upon me?

I need the help of my brothers and sisters of the jedi. Please send me some of your strength, even if its only a little.

Posted on: 2009/11/10 9:31
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Re: my mind is in darkness
2008/3/31 14:52
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Well - we all know the state is not 100% right 100% of the time - so put them to one side for now - the REAL imortant person in all this mess is your child and thus the welfare of said child must be absolutely top of your agenda.

As much as it will hurt to not have the contact you wish and the fact your family seem to have taken the wrong side - im sure in time everything will work itself out.

You need to try to focus on what you and you alone can do to improve matters - to fix the 'negative' situations. The root appears from your post to be the living arrangements namely 'housemate' - get rid of him or her asap or move yourself. I know this sounds easier said than done but youve gotta at leasat try - your already aware of how sapping negativity on a grand scale is so try not to let it drag you down too far.

There has to be a glimmer of light somewhere - a small positive to focus on - only you know what this could be but at least use it as a focal point.

In the meantime - I hope everything works out for you and i'll do my best to keep you in my thoughts


Posted on: 2009/11/10 10:58
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Re: my mind is in darkness
2009/6/18 12:04
From Nebraska
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i am so sorry you are going through this usually they ask if there is somewhere else you can go with your child till conditions improve... before they threaten as such .. they should have gave you list of things that need done to make living conditions satisfactory ... unless they have intended to persue child endangerment charges... but this varies from state to state... you should keep in contact with your caseworker. do everything possible to meet their requirements of course i do not know your full situation.. more often then not they will tend to make things seem rather pointless and not fully explain your options.. make it a point to learn there guidelines and your local and state regulations .. if you do not feel you will be treated fairly seek council from a social worker from another county and inquire on your rights and options and also inquire about standard procedures regarding such events ...
dont be afraid to ask for help references are also good to round people that can say you are a great father... it is not a crime to be poor if money issues have anything to do with your current living conditions... most states have programs to assist in these matters you will have to check with your local office... the important thing is keep a cool head as hard as it may be... did i read this right your son is now living with your parents .. if your are not on good terms with them at the present it would be wise to try harder to get there ... but again i dont know your whole situation break down whole situation in parts and examine each part assess and address each issue involved..
if you ever just need to talk or what ever hit me up... i may not always have the right words to say by ear is always near... again i am sorry you are going through this my thoughts are with you and i will meditate on calmness so you may better focus on what needs to be done...

Posted on: 2009/11/10 14:42
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