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Jedi Apprentice Looking For A Master
2010/3/17 12:04
From East Anglia
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Posts: 60
My name is Ryu Gin Mor and I am looking for a master to teach and guide me in my journey to become a jedi knight. I live in the United Kingdom so would like a UK master if possible.

Posted on: 2010/3/17 18:35
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Re: Jedi Apprentice Looking For A Master
2006/10/27 20:31
From Neillsville, WI
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Posts: 2517
Greetings Ryu Gin Mor,

Welcome to the Temple of the Jedi Force. As you will see, we are not a role-playing site, but a living, breathing collective of spiritual people in search of enlightenment through the study of Jediism. Spirituality, philosophy, martial arts, the occult and much more adds to the wealth of knowledge that is here and possessed by the membership here. Feel free to look around, read many posts, post comments and questions to those that interest you and also feel free to post questions of your own. Also, may I direct you attention to the menu on the left of your screen. Take a look at both Xoopstube and the Study Downloads links. There you will find many answers to questions you may not known that you had and also find more questions to ask later that you might never have thought of. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or anyone else you see here.

May the Force be With You,
Jedi Grayson Dark

Here is the Official Training Syllabus for the Temple of the Jedi Force:

That which follows is an outline or guide for the induction and training of all Jedi within the Temple of the Jedi Force. This proposal simply names the minimum topics and assignments that all Jedi must meet in Force to progress within the ranks of the Temple. The driving purpose behind this document, like the very creation of the Knight's Marshall's office, is to provide uniformity and commonality for the Temple of the Jedi Force's membership.

This syllabus is merely a guide for those invested and involved in the training of the Temple's membership. Any teacher is free to add to these topics and assignments as they see fit. Added writings, quizzes, discussions, etc. are excellent contributions to the training of Initiates and Apprentices. However, any modification would be left to the sole discretion of the instructing Jedi, just as any teacher in a public school can teach whatever it is that they feel is appropriate so long as they meet state-mandated requirements. Provided, of course, that these minimum requirements are met and completed.

Initiate (Registered User):

A Jedi Initiate, as a newcomer to the Temple, is charged with the responsibility of familiarizing them self with the basic precepts and foundations upon which the Temple of the Jedi Force is based. To this end a Jedi Initiate must keep a journal which is not limited to but must, at minimum, include discussion of the following:

Your first post in the your Training Journal should be of an introductory nature. Please tell us a little about yourself and then why you wish to be a Jedi, what brought you to the Temple and what you wish to get out of your training here. After this initial post, please discuss the following concepts:

The Jedi Code

16 Teachings of the Jedi

3 Tenets:

The Vows of the Jedi

The Jedi Creed

NOTE: With all these, please go line by line and tell us what they mean to you and how you plan to incorporate what you have learned into your life...or how you already have.

* After completion of the journal, and with the approval of the Knight’s Marshall’s office, the Jedi Youngling becomes eligible for apprenticeship and the Youngling may then be chosen by either a Knight or a Master to become an Apprentice. The selection process works in only one way... the Knight or Master approaches their Apprentice, not the other way around. A Knight or Master may have multiple Apprentices so long as the number of Apprentices to Knight or Master does not exceed a ratio of to three (3) one (1). Furthermore, a Jedi Youngling may reject a Knight or Master that approaches them as a teacher. The Jedi Youngling will remain eligible to become an Apprentice indefinitely until they are approached by a Knight or Master who they wish to work with.

Posted on: 2010/3/17 19:16
We are one with the Force, but we need to discover our connection to it and then continue to strive to maintain our connection.

Dina Gamal
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