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A Master

2010/6/12 16:33
From Parry Sound ,ON , Canada
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I am Alexandra and I'm looking for a Master to teach me the way of the force.

Posted on: 2010/6/17 11:52
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Re: A Master
2006/10/27 20:31
From Neillsville, WI
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Posts: 2517
Greetings Alexandra,

Welcome to the Temple of the Jedi Force! We are happy that you come here to learn the ways of Jediism. Here is what you need to do in order to become an Apprentice under a Knight or Master. First, you need to start a Training Journal in the Initiate Training Journals area of our forums (click on Message Boards in the menu at your left and scroll to find it). Your first post should be on an introductory nature that includes a short history of yourself, and the answers to the following questions: Why do you want to be a Jedi? What do you want to learn here? and What do you hope to gain from training in the way of Jedi?

After that, please follow the training syllabus below. From time to time, a Knight or Master will pop in and comment on your journal to ask questions of you. Good luck.

Jedi Training Syllabus

That which follows is an outline or guide for the induction and training of all Jedi within the Temple of the Jedi Force. This proposal simply names the minimum topics and assignments that all Jedi must meet in Force to progress within the ranks of the Temple. The driving purpose behind this document, like the very creation of the Knight's Marshall's office, is to provide uniformity and commonality for the Temple of the Jedi Force's membership.

This syllabus is merely a guide for those invested and involved in the training of the Temple's membership. Any teacher is free to add to these topics and assignments as they see fit. Added writings, quizzes, discussions, etc. are excellent contributions to the training of Younglings and Apprentices. However, any modification would be left to the sole discretion of the instructing Jedi, just as any teacher in a public school can teach whatever it is that they feel is appropriate so long as they meet state-mandated requirements. Provided, of course, that these minimum requirements are met and completed.

Jedi Initiate:

A Jedi Initiate, as a newcomer to the Temple, is charged with the responsibility of familiarizing them self with the basic precepts and foundations upon which the Temple of the Jedi Force is based. To this end a Jedi Initiate must keep a journal which is not limited to but must, at minimum, include discussion of the following:

The Jedi Code
16 Teachings of the Jedi
3 Tenets: Focus, Wisdom, Knowledge
The Vows of the Jedi
The Jedi Creed

Take your time with these, it is not a race. Go line by line with each item and describe what the line both means to you and how you plan to (or already have) integrate the lesson into your daily life.

* After completion of the journal, and with the approval of the Knight's Marshall's office, the Jedi Initiate becomes eligible for apprenticeship and the Initiate may then be chosen by either a Knight or a Master to become an Apprentice. Furthermore, a Jedi Initiate may reject a Knight or Master that approaches them as a teacher. The Jedi Initiate will remain eligible to become an Apprentice indefinitely until they are approached by a Knight or Master who they wish to work with.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to ask any that you see on these boards. We are here to help. Also, please read through (and post to) as many different threads of discussion as you would like.

May the Force be With You,
Jedi Grayson Dark

Posted on: 2010/6/17 13:35
We are one with the Force, but we need to discover our connection to it and then continue to strive to maintain our connection.

Dina Gamal
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Re: A Master

2010/6/12 16:33
From Parry Sound ,ON , Canada
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Posts: 4
Thankyou Master Dark.

Posted on: 2010/6/17 14:03
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Re: A Master
2010/3/26 9:25
From Patriotville, USA
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Posts: 38

Please note that the taking on of an Apprentice should be a very personal thing, and that although many come desiring this relationship quickly, history has taught us that one of the most prudent things you can do is to study a few masters for a while to make certain that you are compatible.

This involves reading those masters' posts, talking to them one on one via PM or other means, and making sure that when you decide to take that path, you are both ready for the commitment it requires.

Learning the basics is something that any Knight or Master should be willing to help guide you in, but once you agree to the teacher/pupil relationship, it becomes something more solid...the difference between an engagement and a marriage, so to speak.

If there is anything I can personally do to assist you, please do not hesitate to ask.


Posted on: 2010/6/17 14:40
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