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Accepting Responsibility
2008/5/23 16:03
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NOTE: I posted this at the most relevant forum first, but I'll have it up and around the community so that others can take a good look at their own actions in regards to similar situations.

As Jedi, we should hold ourselves accountable for the actions we take. Whatever the actions, we should understand that our actions may carry extra weight we did not intend- and sometimes it becomes exactly what we want it to become with no extra baggage. In light of recent events, I am writing this to bring about awareness to something our community leaders lack: Holding others responsible for their actions.

This is in no way to attack any particular person(s), as I am aware I lacked the responsibility I have to the community myself. Instead, I want everyone that has let problems persist to reflect upon this message. Don't respond back to it, meditate on it, learn from it and figure out how you are going to apply it in the future as a leader of the Jedi (whether you are one now, or plan to be later).

Over the last two weeks, a rumor was started, an investigation launched by members of the community, actions taken to squash the rumor, and then in relation to all of this a fight sparked between two members of the wider Jedi Community. I let this problem spin out of control by allowing a post to run it's course- until Akkarin of the Temple of the Jedi Order informed me that it was much more a problem that I had realized. Opening up a line of communication between one of the two persons that was becoming a victim to an untrue rumor, I began looking into how this rumor was started. My part of the investigation was minimal, as I had a lot going on from the beginning of the investigation until the end. A friend (of whom shall remain nameless) took the investigation from me and worked alongside leaders of the community to put an end to the rumor. We all had considered the problem taken care of. This is where we lost our sight of responsibility.

Unfortunately, I had given too much information to the individual credited with starting this rumor, and they took what I told them and turned what little I told them into automatic assumptions and launched a war with a second person that they believe should take the fall for their inquisitiveness that caused heartache for two Jedi of the community. We should have all drawn the line here. But none of us did- instead the majority of us allowed the subject (applied as a law enforcement term) to believe we had no issues with their actions and were working to clear their name. It did not help the problem, that the individual the subject attacked verbally assaulted them back or that they have a reputation for being a bad apple.

In the end, the only persons directly related to the investigation that came out of it with honor were the victims of the original rumor. Why? Because they stepped back and let others handle the problem. Those of us that were handling it should not have let the original subject believe that we knew less than what we did, and should have forced them to learn from their mistake rather than allow them to try and turn themselves into a victim when they lashed out at the only person that has “boy who cried wolf” written all over them.

So I, here, will say this now:

I, Alethea “Ally” Thompson, also known as Setanaoko around the community, a Jedi Master of Force Academy and a well known member of various other Jedi Orders, apologize to the two victims of the original problem, the subject of both problems, and the secondary subject (as well as victim) of the war that followed for my failure as a leader. As a Jedi involved in the issue, I should have ensured that the problem was addressed in such a manner that the subject was able to understand why this had become a problem and what their actions did to make it the problem it became.
I also apologize specifically to the secondary subject, because it was my conversation with the original subject that caused them to attack you in Private Message, knowing full well that if they confronted you, you would not take well to it.


Posted on: 2012/8/4 11:23
Gather at the River,
Alethea Jolene Thompson
-Setanaoko Mizu Oceana-
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