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Drunk Driving Victims
2012/12/8 17:22
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I am taking an after school drivers ed class at school and last night we had a mandatory parent-student meeting at 6:30 in which the focus was drinking and driving. Two of the guest speakers that were there where there to share stories on how they each lost a child due to drunk driving.

The first speaker said that one day, her daughter and of her friends were going to go to a party. From what I recall, the daughter did not drink at the party, but her friend did. Regardless of that, she still let her friend drive after the party. As they were driving home, the friend lost control and they crashed.the friend went to the hospital alive, while the girl, when the car crashed, was ejected from the seat and landed in a nearby shrub, and was not found until two hours after the crash. The friend denied that anyone else was with him, he even denied it to the girl's mother.

The second speaker talked about how she lost her son to drunk driving. She mentioned that her son was a good kid: 4.0 how, perfect school attendance, always returned phone calls, always let his mother know if he was going somewhere. Well one day after school, he called his mom to let her know that he and a few friends were going to the movies and would be back before she got home from work. Well, she got home and he wasn't there. She thought maybe he was still at the movies. Well then at around 5:30, she calls him to ask where he is, no answer. About a half an hour later, she calls again, no answer. At 7pm, she calls, no answer. At 8pm, she calls, no answer, and leaves a message saying that she is going to bed and that he needs to come home. Well, as she is walking down the hallway, she hears his phone vibrating in his room. That's when she realizes that he hadn't even taken his phone with him and didn't get her messages. Then at 10pm, she wakes up to someone knocking at the door. When she opens it, the man standing there tells her that her son was dead. Her son, after the movies, went to his friend's house where a man they didn't know served them alcohol. The son was able to get two of his friends home safely, as for him and his other friend, they crashed while driving over 100 mph on a back road that was marked as a 25-35 zone. They crashed into a 21 year old Mobil home, the owners of which sued the mother for $100,000, thinking she would get a ton of money from the insurance company, when really she didn't because the car her son drove only had liability on it. So to pay the money, she had to sell her house. Well the other people found out and put a lean on her house, causing her to lose her home.

Posted on: 2013/1/8 8:43
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Re: Drunk Driving Victims
2010/12/10 17:04
From Stockholm, Sweden
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Cautionary tales have always existed among humankind and these two tragedies are prime examples. Even less severe events than death can and have ruined lives. The loss of limb function or the limb itself, blindness from windshield glass in the eyes and even prevention from speaking because of neck damage.

On another note, the behavior of the mobile home-people is, sadly, another cautionary tale where greed trumps compassion. Too often this is the case.

Posted on: 2013/1/8 9:37
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