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2014/5/15 18:11
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Hello friends,
I am Seto Kahn. I am new to the jedi path and not sure how I am to train in it. I was brought to the force and trained as a sith by my former master. I spent sixteen years as a darksider but recently the force has moved my spirit into a different path.

I spent many hours meditating on this until I was guided to scour the internet for true jedi. Needless to say different places are full of what I would deem as failures and roleplayers. I seek a true, mature, jedi to show me this lightside of the force.

I am in my mid thirties and I feel as I did when I was first starting my sith training which makes me feel weak and that's uncomfortable. Odd to go back to the start but I suppose that sometimes you must grow by retracing your steps. So I start my initiate's journal or what do I do? Thank you.


Posted on: 2014/5/15 18:33
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Re: Greetings
2010/8/9 7:47
From Portland Oregon
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Welcome to our temple.

The first step in becoming an Apprentice, should you feel so inclined, is to begin a training Journal in the appropriate forum. In your training journal your first post should be to introduce yourself (copy/paste from this post should do nicely), tell us what brought you to our temple, what you hope to learn here, and why you want to become a Jedi.

To complete the Initiate's requirements for Apprenticeship, please complete the following: Begin with meditating on and describing line-by-the Jedi code, creed, tenets, 16 teachings, & Vows (found HERE).

Please be as elaborate and as thorough as possible, relating any experiences that you have had with them. Please pace yourself with these works, and remember that this is not a race. This is about the journey, and not the destination. This is how you will come to know us, and how we will come to know you. You are not under any deadline to complete this aspect of your journal.

Also, please take some time to consider and answer the following questions: Who are you, and how did you find this Temple? Why do want to become a Jedi? What brought you to this conclusion? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Posted on: 2014/5/15 22:37
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Re: Greetings
2012/4/9 6:53
From england
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Welcome to the temple.


Posted on: 2014/5/16 4:52
Trained under:

Master Ahsoka Thunderwalker

Master Ace Venom

Current apprentices:

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