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Are you in harmony with the Force?
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
Promotions Committee
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The more we are in harmony with the Force the better life goes for us. We as Jedi have freedom of choice which means on the road of life we are always free to take the easy path or the hard path. All roads lead to the same place but the path we take is up to us.

It's been said that life throws a hardship at you to get your attention. Often when we do something we shouldn't be doing or something that harms ourselves or others life will give us subtle cues to let us know it's time for a change. It may be losing something or misplacing something. It may be an accident or fall, a cold, flu, or fever. For those who are thinking some of the things I mentioned are beyond our control think about this, there are people who have never broken a bone, never been to a hospital emergency room, never been in a fight, never ran out of gas, never had cancer, never had the flu, never had to take medication, and I could go on with the list. Harmony with the Force is taking control of what others see as being uncontrollable.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said he was once a teacher and made a living basically just getting by. He felt he was created to do something more. So one day he left his job. His friends warned him against it was a bad move in the economy of the times and that he should play it safe. But he went and left his job and devoted his time to writing and finished a book. He said his book got published, became a bestseller and a year later he had made more money then all of his years teaching. Harmony with the Force brings what appears to others as luck but it is finding your destiny and doing what you are here to do that allows your blessings to flow.

There is a saying that goes you can't fly with eagles if you run with turkeys. Flying with the eagles means focusing on your higher thoughts and actions. Running with turkeys means chasing after physical desires and coming to negative conclusions about others and/or yourself.

Being in harmony with the Force means making the conscious decision to fly with the eagles. Seeking always to cultivate positive energies and not to give voice to negative thoughts unless it is to release them forever.

We start on the path with meditation and linked below is a good explanation of the effects of meditation and a really good morning guided meditation to do that will change your Force energy vibration bringing you into greater harmony with the Living Force. The second link is about being in harmony with life and about levels of consciousness. Enjoy.

A 15 Minute Mind-Hack to Massively Enhance Your Brain Power and Emotional State: Vishen Lakhiani

How To Defy Convention And Become Truly Limitless — Vishen Lakhiani

6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

Posted on: 2016/9/13 15:11
A Jedi uses the Force for nothing, and... for everything.
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Re: Are you in harmony with the Force?
2012/7/25 10:41
From Hungary
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I basically agree with things in your writing. Just one little thing: Being in harmony with the Force indeed makes life easier but not necessarily in a material level. Attitude adds a lot to it as we see events through the eyes of the Force.

Not always, but often I do not take hardships as a warning sign for change, rather a challenge that life gives me to see if I can cope or not. At the end, I'll get stronger than before. Sometimes these things make me overwhelmed at the present moment, but when I make efforts to stay mindful about the problem and I pass, I feel honoured that life gave an opportunity (even if not a pleasant or comfortable one).

Some people may not have any visible issues in their lives (it may be also karmic and/or a chosen life path) but being happy is not coming from being without problems, but from the developed skills to solve them. Issues, of course, will grow stronger and stronger in case of people who are not willing to face them. Then it is really needed to be taken as a warning sign (and I add that illnesses fall into this category to me, too).

Awesome writing, Master Octagon! :)

Posted on: 2016/9/19 9:52
"Always remember: your focus determines your reality." - Qui-Gon Jinn
Apprentice: Spikecnx (LOA)
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