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Using our other abilities
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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As Jedi we learn to use additional senses in order to be in harmony with the Force.

"Trust your insides." Someone once said. This means to learn to trust your abilities which implies working on building up other abilities.

In order to trust your insides you have to trust yourself. Part of learning to trust yourself is being able to forgive your past self. A lot of people do things they know they shouldn't have done or something horrible happens to someone they know and for some reason they feel responsible for it. This is a burden in which they beat themselves up daily.
Trusting yourself means loving yourself, which means forgiving yourself for the unforgivable. This means forgiving and loving the past 'you' as well. As they say, we cannot change the past but we can master how we feel about it. Self forgiveness is what some Jedi would call a trial of the spirit. It shows you are able to allow self love, compassion, and forgiveness, be greater than guilt and self condemnation.

I listened to a Doctor on a TV show state that he developes his other senses by getting dressed in the morning with his eye closed. With self trust you can focus on being something better.

Another way to develop greater sensitivity, is using the technique of mindfulness everyday. Just by not judging the world around you as being good or bad, just being an observer of what's going on around you, you learn a lot about life. Just by observing and not judging your own actions you learn a lot about yourself.


Posted on: 2017/1/16 14:11
A Jedi uses the Force for nothing, and... for everything.
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