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How can I overcome shyness, low self-confidence and low self-esteem all at once?
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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This guy wrote an interesting guide and here is the short version.

Just the straightforward strategy that will get you from here to there. Come on now! No easy shots here it's gonna be a tough ride.

Grab your wits and Enjoy.

Throw all your former clothes away- if you ain't confident. It means you're very self conscious about the way you look to others. So, if you dress less than stunning before? Empty your wardrobe. Get new badass wears and start adorning them. That's step 1.

Get your morning routines- you need stereotyped activities for your morning that will charge you up for a confident day. Here's what you do after you wake up- you drink water then exercise, then you do guided meditation and finally you set your challenge goals for the day.

Get your list ready- there is nothing like universal confidence. You get confidence at things when you practice it. So make that list of that things you'd like to do, the things attract scare you and those that terrify you. You're going to do everything on that list several times very soon. So Get them down now!

Break that terrific challenge down to pieces- most people are looking for a miracle cure that'll take all their fear away and make them superman or wonderwoman. Sorry that doesn't exist. What you're gonna do is pick out those things that terrify you. Break them down. If it's public speaking, take it one step at a time by first presenting to your friend, then group of friends, then a slightly larger group and on and on like that. Don't just go out and try 1000 people on your first trial. Or if it's approaching women, start by asking for directions, then next time Hello. Then hello what's up. Then hello how you doing, what are you doing over here, and on and on like that.

Build your avatar- what? You need an avatar? Yes you do. This is the mental picture of your badass that you'll develop. This imaginary guy has unlimited confidence and no fear. Build him as you'd like your ideal self to be and start visualizing him. Let him come real in your mind. And when it's time to act. Ask yourself how would my ideal self(avatar) act?. (For the record, my avatar is no different from superman)

Protect your motivation- Here's where most people fall of the track. You can't grow confidence so fast on your own. To make it go well you need to manage your motivation. This means you need to quit your former shy and negative friends if you have any, and start making bold friends who will catapult you outta your comfort zone. Look for those bold guys around and do everything in your power to become friends with them.

Set rewards and punishment for your challenges- so after your morning routines, you visit your list and you pick the challenges you're gonna tackle for that day. Now what I used to do is I don't eat until I talk to a stranger and I eat at KFC if I get 10 phone numbers in a week. Start setting rewards and awful punishments for your confidence goals now!

Kill it with your body language- your mind influences your body and your body also influences the mind. One big trick to boost your confidence is to start faking confidence with your body language. Start walking and talking slower, stand tall and take up space around you. With time you'll become who you're acting to be.

Accept failure- this just dropped in my life and I felt I needed to add it. In the process of building your confidence and facing your fear. You're gonna fail, you'll fall flat in your face several times and get embarrassed. You have to accept this and always get back on your feet.
Now. Go. Out. There. And. Make. Magic.
James Haforlarin

Posted on: 2017/6/21 13:53
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