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Energetic Communication and Brainwaves
2014/7/28 22:00
From Portland, Oregon
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This essay is not an assignment, it is not an excerpt, it is a small piece of a great puzzle that we all share a part of. It is a testament. A testament of language and communication.

Have you ever had an argument or debate with someone and it stops short, no more words, yet somehow it seems the debate continues? How about ever having a moment when watching two people have a conversation far away where you cannot hear, yet you know exactly what is being said? Or even this: your cat meows and you reply with the perfect response, and it adheres to you?

This is called empathy. This is an example of what id like to call the 3rd language.

There are 3 forms of communication, or "Languages". The first and most easily understood is Verbal. Verbal communication is done through various sounds and motions made by muscles, vocal chords, and direct facial expressions. These sounds and expressions are interpreted by the brains speech and visual centers, the Occipital and right parietal, and the left temporal and parietal lobes for speech. The area for reading and writing is interpreted by a special section of the left temporal lobe called the Brocha Area. (Source: Mayfield Clinic)

The second form is done by Non Verbal communication. Our body moves and dances in subtle movements that tell the other person the underlying meanings behind our words, and sometimes the opposite of what we tell them. When some people talk, their hands are a form of Non Verbal. They move their hands in waves and patterns while talking and their eyes move along with it.

But Lo and Behold, there is a 3rd Language. You've probably guessed it at this point: Energy.

Energy is the glue that holds atoms together, it is the electrical might in a thunderstorm, the vibration in sound, and most importantly in communication, Brainwaves.

Our brain produces small amounts of radio-static energy that move along a bioelectric field around us. We know them mainly as Alpha, Beta, Delta1, Delta 2, and Theta Waves. Source: (https://www.scientificamerican.com/art ... function-of-t-1997-12-22/)

What if I told you....that your brainwaves can operate on different frequencies, those frequencies being the harmonics that hold out world together? What if I told you.... These brainwaves are part of your connection to the force, the energy that flows through all matter, organic, non organic, and even spatial?

Lets look at how brainwaves operate. Theta Energy is produced when the brain fires off electricity located in the cerebellum, the Right Parietal Lobes, Cerebral Cortex, and Brocha. These centers are heated up and are designed to allow us to Think, ponder, study, and develop ideas. Alpha happens when we enter a state of relaxation. Beta Waves happen when we are focused on the desire to achieve a goal, when we are working or are required to stay alert. Delta 1 is for basic sleep and shut down, delta 2 is for REM states and reboot. these waves are like a static charge to a balloon after its been inflated, its the signature after an electrical current has passed.

Studies have begun showing a relation between brainwaves and meditation. It has also been proven recently that we exchange natural energy when communicating. When we feel intuitive about something, when we just KNOW that there's more beneath the surface. this is what happens when the energy exchange is complete, and our brains are trying to process the information. (Source: https://eocinstitute.org/meditation/re ... e-benefits-of-meditation/)

During meditation -True meditation that is-, our minds shut out everything that is not "positive" or helpful in allowing us to achieve a state of peace and relaxation. Once this goal is achieved, most people stop and carry on with their lives. It is HERE that is most crucial to learning to move beyond our limits. it is ALSO in this state that our brainwaves all begin to merge into a singular pattern. THIS is the moment that we must continue the meditation. It is said that a Zen Buddhist will meditate for a total of 10-12 hours a day (Source: Why is the Dalai Lama always Smiling? A Westerners guide to the Buddhist Practice, Book by Lama Tsomo)

Through meditation and striving to achieve TRUE INNER PEACE, we can learn to move beyond the body, through the mind, and into the spirit of all that we are tied to.

STUDY: What is a moment where you feel you have achieved True peace? if you are able to, can you explain the emotional feeling? how about a short scientific breakdown, in your own interpretation? Can you think of how this supports the idealism of the temple and the Force? what can you argue against it? There is no wrong answer...

Next: Imagine that feeling of true peace while you are having a conversation. How does it feel, what does it look like? any sensory changes?

Go out and try it, then write your experiment down.

oh and while you're writing this, you'll be sending off lots of alpha and beta waves.

Posted on: 2017/12/3 12:45
Walk the clear path, the Darkness and the Light have their places in everything. To Ignore one is to take away from the other. In truth, there is no One True Side, there is The Force. And the Force is All that is.
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Re: Energetic Communication and Brainwaves
2010/8/9 7:47
From Portland Oregon
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Excellent post my friend. I suspect you may enjoy reading "real magic " by Issac Bonewits (though it is not a book i assign)

It agrees with your findings, and has legitimate research behind it. A damned good (if dry ) read.

Posted on: 2017/12/7 2:19
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