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What is the best course of action?
2006/6/2 21:30
From Parachute, Colorado
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This was a post by a Jedi master on the Face Book page.

Everyday I read or hear something about the border children. It makes me sick. And while I understand it is a bit more complex than the sensationalized media feeds us, the underlying action is still wrong. I want to do something. I am compelled to do something. But what?

It seems to me that the only way to enact change is to act for change. Not just vote, but show up in large numbers and take control of these facilities and right a wrong. As this administration continues, I feel it becomes more and more prudent for us citizens to stand up and act. Not just cry out in a voice demanding action, but to act on behest of the founding principles of our nation.

And this is by Master Karen Nightingstar on her Face Book page.

So here is the thing people:this article need highlights what annoys me about this cry for illegal immigrants. But before you judge me and say Im heartless, read all of this. I cant stand Trump. I think the repubicans are out of control. I think seperating families is wrong. But I do think being tough on new illegal immigrants is fine. But NOT putting them in cages and giving them space blankets (were they on sale or something?). If you ignore the rules and sneak into country, don't get upset over glares. I also get live beyond our borders sucks. I saw the huge endless shanty towns outside of Mexico City and I know that isnt the worst of it. But I agree that right now we cant save the world. We have a lot of problems and we need to fix us.

We need to get rid of trump. We need to help our poor. We need better schools and roads. We need jobs and the ability to afford rent. We need education that jobs actually respect and want. We dont need war or trade war or stupid threats. We need people to vote and not just complain. We need to stop hating and talk. We need to help each other and stop judging.

But I get it. Half of that will never happen. Its a good goal, a wonderful dream. We are human and flawed. Please try to understand while I deeply feel for the poor and lacking, at some point, enough is enough.

About this article
The truth behind this photo of an 'immigrant child' crying inside a cage

So what do we do about this?


Posted on: 2018/6/18 23:12
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Re: What is the best course of action?
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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I think the core of the problem is blind pursuit of wealth. Money is basically being horded with more and more billionaires being made as wealth is being drained from the lower and middle classes.

Pollution of air, food, and water are actually shutting down the higher thought processes of the brain making people think less about what they do and act more on emotions which are driven by the primitive parts of our brains.

One thing for sure is that history teaches us that the pendulum swings one way for just so long and will in time swing back the other way. From one extreme to another. Of course everything is better when the pendulum is centered and reaches a point of balance.

In short, what we are experiencing are the symptoms of the problems when it's the source of the problems which really need to be changed, imo. Reestablishing a balance of body, mind, and spirit and helping others to do so.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted on: 2018/6/19 9:46
A Jedi uses the Force for nothing, and... for everything.
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