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And now for some geeky fun: Looking at Luke's actions...
2016/2/12 13:31
From USA
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A very fun read on contrasting Luke's actions in RotJ and TLJ and how they either support or refute notions of toxic masculinity within our culture. Well... depending on how you perceive his actions in the first place, lol.

https://news.avclub.com/here-s-a-good- ... r-luke-skywalk-1827546398

So what do you guys think, then? Were Luke's actions in RotJ coming from a place of weakness or strength? And how does his battle with Vader differ from his "battle" with Kylo?

Posted on: 7/13 12:52
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Re: And now for some geeky fun: Looking at Luke's actions...
2009/10/15 19:04
From Ontario Oregon
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I think in rotj he thought he was strong in the force but knew he didn't stand a chance. In tlj think he felt the connected to the force and so it didn't matter the outcome. He only provided aid but it took all of his being to do so.

Posted on: 7/13 17:04
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Re: And now for some geeky fun: Looking at Luke's actions...
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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Difficult to say. Films one through six basically had the same creative direction. Film eight didn't have Lucas nor his core direction. Like someone else said I think seven and eight should have at least been an alternate universe theme as they are coming from a different place. I would have loved to see the journey showing how Luke got to the point of view he had in eight.

Posted on: 7/13 18:02
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