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[Article] Tinnitus and meditation: A success story
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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This article is about how one person found a way to manage debilitating physical problems by using meditation.

This isn't the entire article. I suggest you go to the link below to read the entire lesson.

As Jedi or anyone for that matter, it's important to meditate at least once a day. The benefits are numerous and can bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

This article is good because during meditation he learned how to correctly focus in order to help deal with his problem. Our focus does determine and alter our reality.

There is an old saying that within everyone we hate there exists a faithful friend. To know that part of a person you must focus on that part even if it seems hidden to you. Focus on the good within a person and the good will eventually reveal itself.

Like in Star Wars everyone believed Vader to be complete evil. The lesson he learned within the cave was that we project our feelings about ourselves onto others all the time. We think, "Vader is complete nonredeemable evil person because if I did such things I would have to be a complete nonredeemable evil person." "I could never forgive myself and therefore can never forgive anyone else who does such things" And that's the exact point our growth stops and we find ourselves in a loop as nature, the universe, and the Force, tries to teach us to let go of that which we fear to lose. Our hate and our fears.

Everything we go through is an extension of how we feel about ourselves and regular daily meditation helps us to change those feelings and let go so we can become something better.

When I was first diagnosed with tinnitus and Meniere’s disease, I thought my life was over.

A mountain of pain and suffering stood before me and I could see nothing else. My ears screamed all the time and the spikes were unbearable. I was dizzy, struggling with hearing loss, intermittently incapacitated by vertigo attacks where the room would start spinning, and exhausted by brain fog and fatigue from the moment I woke up until the time I went to sleep.

There was no light at the end of the tunnel. I had no hope.

It’s hard to think back on this time of my life, knowing how long the 24-year-old me would have to suffer before anything changed. Because there was hope, I just didn’t know it at the time.

Fast forward and today my life looks very different. My Meniere’s symptoms are not cured, but effectively managed on an ongoing basis and I’ve completely habituated to my tinnitus. It’s not gone, but it stopped bothering me entirely. About 98% of the time, my brain just tunes it out.

I live a wonderful life now and in a lot of ways I owe my success and ongoing relief from tinnitus to meditation.

It changed everything for me. And if you are suffering from tinnitus, I believe it could possibly change everything for you too.

Meditation with tinnitus is hard but not impossible
When my tinnitus and Meniere’s disease were at their worst, my quality of life was in shambles and there were a lot of things I thought I would never be able to do again.

Meditation was at the top of the list.

I had been meditating daily for several years when chronic illness tore through my life. It had been a transformational practice, helping me to finally get my anxiety under control after more than a decade of panic attacks and generalized nervousness.

But as my tinnitus worsened, it became impossible to meditate. I just couldn’t focus anymore with the sound of sirens blasting in my ears and it was devastating. I had lost not just my quality of life, but one of the most powerful coping tools that I had relied on for years to maintain my wellbeing.

Luckily, I never gave up or stopped trying to make it work. And my persistence eventually paid off.

One night, lying in bed, once again struggling to meditate, I suddenly had an idea: What would happen if I stopped fighting to ignore the ringing while I tried to focus on my breath, and focused on the sound of my tinnitus instead?

At first, it seemed like such a crazy idea to focus on the sound that was driving me crazy.

But I was frustrated, and I was willing to do anything at that point to try to fix the problem, so I gave it a shot. And the 15 minutes that followed changed everything.

Making it easier
At this point, you might be thinking there is no possible way I can do this. I completely understand. I was a seasoned meditator with years of experience when I first thought to try this, and it still terrified me. Meditation is hard to learn even without tinnitus.

So here are several helpful strategies to make it easier:

If you have never meditated before, practice this technique for only 5-10 minutes per day, until you are more comfortable.

Do not meditate in silence. Instead, put on background noise that you find relaxing (ambient music, nature sounds, white noise, etc.) and set the volume to a level that partially masks your tinnitus. By lowering the perceived volume of your tinnitus in this way, it will be much easier to focus on during meditation.

Do something else you find mentally or physically relaxing immediately before you meditate. The more relaxed you are prior to meditation, the easier it will be.

You can take advantage of an audio technology called brainwave entrainment to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation during meditation. I created guided tinnitus meditations featuring brainwave entrainment to accompany my book, many of which you can try for free.

Final thoughts
I know I’m not the first person to discover the link between tinnitus, meditation, and habituation. Mediation and mindfulness have earned a much more prominent position in tinnitus management over the past few years.

But I’ve made it my life’s work to spread this message of hope, because tinnitus-focused meditation enabled me to fully habituate and find lasting relief from the sound that drove me absolutely crazy for a long time.

There may not yet be a cure for tinnitus, but with habituation, there is a path out of the suffering. And meditation isn’t the only way, just one powerful path among others that all end in a similar place of peace of mind and quality of life. And that’s what matters most.

This article is in parts, the entire article is here, please read it and study the lesson it teaches.
https://www.healthyhearing.com/report/ ... editation-a-success-story
Contributed by Glenn Schweitzer
July 1, 2019

Posted on: 2019/7/1 11:19
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