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Re: Aimee's Initiate Journal/Force Vision/There is emotion yet peace
Had a vision almost dream it felt so damn real and i had a vision of a castle, then wolves, then soemthing about my mother, this objec being brought out with three crystals. I was on the phone with my mentor and went back out of it trying to say "i'm having a vision master." woke up and felt so out of it. Have been feeling that way and like my mind is circling super fast and i feel i am picking up others energy when asleep.
This is something i struggled with before and when i grow in the force this usually happens. I'm going from invisible to visible and some part of me feels excited while some part is reserved. I tried to sleep again yet couldn't and idk man this is hard yet i believe this will al be figured out soon over time.
Stayed inside still in my world and mostly dreaming on about music for i am a singer/songwriter. I write music and aligning a few things in my life also figuring out what kind of warrior am i. I feel it's so hard to see and work through emotoins also some of these are external sources. I don't feel it's fair or like that i have to deal with all of this baggage that's not mine.
Somehow random energies think it cool to build up on me though and just throw it there on me. Which i am like no get away or kindly #OOPS# off. I know souls need guidance yet they need to go to someone else for i cannot do that right now. Yet they don't stop and keep piling up on me...nasty little turds i won't do it for you.
That's not how you get stuff done you wait and ask kindly or wait patiently. Damn...so anyways many will claim to be telepathic or psyche mediums yet no they are not. Upon meditation i ended up connecting with some others and felt good to hear him say breathe. Anyone know of any good meditations of ways of coping with this? From someone who actually has the gift thanks i know we have some posers in here.
Know i see you and really don't want to talk to any of you dress uppers thanks. If no one answers it means no one has the gift authentically which will help me narrow things down a lot.
Only Nascien becuase he is super helpful, and master scythe may comment, if anyone wishes to comment they may take it to my master first. Why? Because he's nicer then i am and heck he's a major ass. Anyways you get my vibe also keep your judgemental thoughts down...i feel them and don't tell me i am not seeing things. I sense a lot about people and thoughts travel like little waves that i can hear what your thinking sometimes.
When you dance nervously on your feet or scoff i feel that too which to me it's more amusing. Just shows a lot about your character when staring at a real life person. Now back to being in crazy world where somehow i am stuck here with...humans. Curse and a gift of being a starseed not of this world person.....sometimes it's horrible being here.
Yet life goes on and let the madness continue away from sane people like myself. People are greedy fucks and pigs that pollute this world event he dressup jedi are polluting the actual force. Sometimes i wish they would not be allowed to flourish yet that would make me no better then them. Doh well also if trevus is going to the gathering...then hell nah that immature jerk has issues. That no one is talking to him about...oi shaman jedi get a pair of balls lol and talk to your friend. A few others have complaints about him too and it's totally stupid how this jedi system lets bad behaviour bully others.
Ya'll are weak pieces of crap who barely speak up about anything and i get mad like now. Is this some joke to some of you...is this what being a jedi is about. Hiding putting your head down and just idk letting others hurt others. So jedi like yah i'm so proud of that that i left any affiliation with jedi or sith communities. Fucking hate em all and really this is just effing retarded.
That is all today snips is snipsy which i am glad i am studying on my own.
Tao or Talon i can deal with even if they are irksome sometimes, trevus man oh man is a whole other level of ass. I get he has retarded issues and stuff yet some of the things is just not okay. Absolutely not okay and...he is younger then some people. Who the hell does he think he is...your just like me still working on your ged because maybe your to busy playing dress up.
Also i don't forgive you and hope you choke at the winter games *crosses arms* that is all. I know i'll get some flack for this yet i really don't care. I'm a warrior and will speak my mind...you don't stop him hah!
That is all on today's journal jedi and sith are dogmatic sentinel means balance. Studies lots of things and is more wide in my opinion something i never truly got in both paths. I deal with the force and listen to that instead of the quacking of morons posing.
Today's daily fact did you know Retarded is another word for unexpected out of this world idiot choice. Yet then was used by others to make fun of those who rode the short bus? Kind of like the N word was a way to address a brother then white people came in. Used it as derogative...so i am not calling im mentally incapable. Just making stupid choices that are hurting others and someone should talk to him about it. Who can do it kindly and see past his i am so wise i know everything vibe. When behind doors he is super mean and rude to others i don't think he is a master. He should not be leading a group until he can walk his walk that is all.
He asked me to answer a question and i wrote it up it took me a lot of hard work. Was about grey and he kicked me which i lost a good writing too for i was kicked for no reason. My writing deleted and i was not being disrespectful....i have a natural aversion towards people like him.
Rude, immature, super annoying and then randomly make it all about my fault..oh like crooken karen. Not karen keen...yet the other one can't believe that piece of dumbness went down that way. She is another pollution that should lose the ability to speak and i'd cut her connection to the force if i could. She spreads lies and is again a degenerative stain in the force. Why do these people get away with #OOPS#...it's so stupid and unfair!

Anyways back to meditating and focusing on what really matters. Going to face some stuff and what does one call it..the cave or whatever. Have a great weekend everyone and as always mtfbwy

Posted on: 2020/2/16 17:19
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Re: Aimee's Initiate Journal/Force Vision/There is emotion yet peace
Did some meditation and i'm done i won't be coming back, mtfbwy and guide you.

Posted on: 2020/2/17 0:36
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