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The Mystery Of You
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2006/6/12 20:21
From Ellijay GA
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Hello all,

We've all gone though break downs of the code and creed and so forth, yet I'm wondering if we're asking ourselves some vital question to our spiritual walk.

We can all read a code of conduct, a mantra, a teaching and so on, yet what are our motives for this? Why are we on this walk in the first place? Laying aside the Jedi teachings for a moment, let's ask ourselves, "Why ARE we here?"

As we ask this we'll come up with varied reasons as to why. Maybe you always wanted to be a Jedi? You like ? Or maybe like me, you searching. Searching for the "You" in you. Whatever the reason let's start out by, with your mentor’s permission, making some suggested additions to our journals.

First off it's very important to approach all of this with the mind of a beginner. You may have experience at other sites, or other spiritual pursuits, yet each experience we finds ourselves in is unique and can yield unique insights if we only let go of our pre conceived notions of what should be and learn from a new, fresh perspective.

This may sound easy yet believe me, it's not when put it in to practice. You see every time we learn something new, we tend to, subconsciously mind you, compare it to past experience formed from different situations. We all do it, most without knowing. We bring a past lesson learned and try and "Make it fit" to what we're learning currently. This is the role of conscious silence and meditative practice, but that'll be something we'll cover in another post.

So first off we need to get in the habit of questioning ourselves. not in a scolding sense mind you, but in a way of getting to know ones own motives, without bias and with honesty, as to why we do what we do. Doing so can reveal many a bias we may not have even been aware of. To start I suggest a simple exercise. We'll get more in depth as we progress down our path together.

First and foremost I'd like you to all write down the top ten goals in your life. After you've done this I'd like you to ask yourselves, "Why do I want these?" and "What do I think achieving these goals will mean for me?" and lastly, "How do they pertain to my spiritual walk within Jediism?"

Really dig in to this and don't sell yourselves short. Many things will be exposed about yourself to yourself through an inquisitive mind and a quite and peaceful nature. You may not like the real reasons behind some of the biases we hold, yet that's the whole point of a spiritual walk and a large part of the process, Learning whom we REALLY are and accepting that person, devoid of worldly illusion, for whom he/she really is. It's written in the Dhammapada that "We are what our thoughts make us" and also from the BhavaGita, "We are our deep burning desire. As we desire so we think. As we think so we act. As we act so we become."

So you see everything you are, and all the good and bad from your life, emanates from within YOU, the real you and not the one you see in the mirror. Your thoughts and perceptions literally create your reality. To really come to terms with this let's start by developing an inquisitive nature. We have to learn whom we are before we can learn whom we are to become.

Well that's all for now. I'm really looking forward to reading what you all find. And if you need any help on our path and if I can offer any assistance, as meager as it may be, you know where to find me.

Your brother in the mystery,

Posted on: 2013/12/12 0:06
"Om is the bow, the arrow is the soul, Brahman is the arrow's goal at which one aims unflinchingly."
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