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Peace is a Habit
2011/6/27 22:55
From Oregon USA
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I've taken this week to contemplate the meaning of Peace as a way to be of service in my community. For such a 'vanilla' topic, it's remarkably complex to talk about productively in this manner. Previously, I would have considered it an ideal, a moral value and a feeling. Now, I would call it a habit.

I began by mapping what Peace is to me. The feelings I've associated with it over the years (calmness, sleepiness, passiveness), the beliefs around the definition of peace (Peace is the opposite to War, Peace is only for when nothing is happening around me).

Then I took apart the processes, beliefs and triggers that create the polarities of Peace (Grounded or Striving, Passive or in Flow, etc.), and I begin to see Peace as a need to be triggered as a balance to something external. I notice where I formed beliefs around when I allow myself to feel peace, and when I am not allowed to feel at peace. When I allow this constraint to fall away, I've freed "Peace" from being something to react to in my awareness.

I've change Peace from being 'calm', 'passive', or 'disassociated' into a sense of becoming a fullness of presence in myself and my world, a sense of ISness.

In this light of knowledge, I've changed Peace from a passive reaction that happened by chance, into a conscious choice to be present with what is. The more I choose to be present in this state, the better I develop a habit of Peace.

There is no Emotion, there is Peace.

Posted on: 9/2 12:34
All is the Force in Ebb and Flow.

"Your connection to the Force allows you to see in ways others cannot. If you can see yourself, you will never be truly blind."
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Re: Peace is a Habit
2006/9/24 19:51
From USA
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Yes, I've starting taking passives like peace and turning them into active declarations, I speak peace over the turmoil in my life and declare peace over situations I face that attempt to upset me!

Our words have power and go out into the universe to our will. That's why Masters always guard what they say. Knowing that what they speak effects everything around them, including their health and the health of others.

Posted on: 9/6 10:53
A Jedi uses the Force for nothing, and... for everything.
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