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The ReturnI
2009/5/16 16:08
Posts: 210
It has been quite sometime since I have posted here so I thought to let you all know that I have come back to once again see what the site and its many members has to offer and perhaps offer what I can.

Since my last visit things have been quite busy. I have been working hard on my path like everyone else and I have not really had the time for the internet.

I had 5 reiki students that I took up to reiki master level. Unlike other reiki masters I actually spend one month per level so I know my students have both the knowledge and experance they need when they start treating themselves and others. I liked the way the last class went but I have a couple adjustments I need to make to better the program for next time. I think I am going to add some training on developing empathic gifts and also spend some time working with crystals. These things are not part of a traditonal reiki program but well I am certainly not the traditional reiki master.

I have also been hitting the dojan harder then ever. I did one competition in mid summer and at the moment I am currently preparing for my 1st degree black belt test. This test is very important if I pass the test I will receive a certificate from the Kukkiwan the head quarters of WTF TKD in South Korea. This also means that my name will be on a list with thousands of others and anyone can varify my rank, the date and where I earned the rank at. I am actually excited to be added to that list so I can send my mother the link and she can see it for herself. My wife is planning on recording my promotional test for my mother and other family members since they do not get the chance to see me often. The video would give them the chance to see what I am doing. My family saw my vids from my last competition and it was funny to hear their reactions when they called me. My brothers thought my beat down in my 3rd match was quite funny. Personally I agree I lost by 4 points and my the end of the match I was just winded. I am not sure if the guy was better then me, if my cardio was not where it was or if perhaps it was a combination of the two. I am hoping it was the last part but well I am in my 30's and I have nothing more to prove I just compete for the fun of it and I do not have the same energy level as someone in their early 20's.

I am also happy to say we now have 7 people in our local Jedi group and I took on a new student. My wife bless her passed her tests and she is at Knght level within the group. Thankfully her testing was done by 2 other members and I had nothing to do with the test or the decision. It was better to remove myself from her testing and the decision process because I think I would have made it harder for her because I know what she can do.

In any event I understand that my group rank, my reiki master rank and so forth has nothing to do with this site but these events are very important in my life and all things that make me the person I am.

Posted on: 2009/10/15 13:49
May the Force Bring You Blessings and Guidance

MJ Knights/TKD Jedi
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Re: The ReturnI
2007/8/16 3:58
From Canada
Registered Users
Posts: 173
Welcome back to our temple, it is always good to see old faces returning here. I am glad to see things in your life have been going well and glad that you have chosen to return. I can't wait to see more from you and I hope you enjoy your stay again. ^_^

Posted on: 2009/10/15 14:28
Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there.
Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend.
Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there.

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Robert L. Humphrey
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