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force users guide


Member Contributions : Force Users Guide Part 4
Posted by JediKaren on 2007/11/4 6:20:00 (2632 reads) News by the same author

The Force User Guide
Part 4
Unifying the Force

This may come as good or bad news, but this is the last review and the last section of the Force guide. Although part four will cover the last of the major abilities, exercises, and theories, there is still much to be known about the Force. There is plenty of information that is considered spiritual that has been left out on purpose. Remember, you will can stop learning and discovering the secrets of the Force. Your study of the Force should not stop here, but hopefully expand pass what I humbly know.

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In the last three sections, there was information on basic skills, the living Force, and the cosmic Force. The cosmic Force consists of all matter that is dead or never was alive such as rocks or plastic. Using this energy source, it was found that all types of manipulation were possible. Manipulation includes skills like sending, programming, shielding, kinesis, mind control, and healing.

There is one more type of the Force that needs to be understood and studied. It is called the unifying Force and it is the hardest type to understand and control. It is highly recommended that students read the first three sections, in order, before reading and practicing these skills.

Unifying the Force
The unifying Force is what binds everything together and interconnects all other aspects of the Force, such as the living Force and the cosmic Force. The unifying Force is the balance of the light and dark side, which are our intend use of the Force, and all of the Force skills. The unifying Force is what connects living and non living things together and bring balance to the universe.

To become aware of the unifying Force, one must learn to become aware the Force and the effect is has on the mind. Each Jedi has the Jedi spirit. This Jedi spirit is tested and strengthens through training. It is important that a Jedi has the awareness of their spirit. There are certain, seemingly odd, skills that have yet to be discussed that help a Jedi find this awareness. These skills center on an area that has yet to be talked about in detailed, the inner awareness of yourself. It is important that the Jedi looks inward to find the Force, their beliefs, and the truth. Without this inner awareness, a Jedi can not even begin to understand the minds of others. The inner awareness of a Jedi through the Force is necessary for a Jedi to perform their duty.

Dreaming has never been understood very well by mankind, although there are many theories and a strong fascination for it. It is said that a Jedi should rarely dream, but in the modern world Jedi do end up dreaming. Many dreams mean nothing and is simply our mind trying to make sense of recent events, feelings, or fears. However, some dreams are special and should not be ignored. Dreams can be controlled, altered, having personal meaning behind them, and be shared with other dreamers. Some dreams can hint of the future or the past. Learning about dreams can increase self awareness and awareness in the Force, deepening the meaning being a Jedi.

While nightmares have nothing to do with the Force, they do affect Jedi a great deal. Nightmares can show a lot about person’s feelings. Nightmares general show or reflect a fear that is being suppressed. Nightmares are not a common state for the human mind and are signals to something being wrong with the person. Nightmares, those repeat or happen frequently, are a sign that the person is emotional unstable. Being unstable for a Jedi or any Force user can mean the person is using their darkness within them. These dreams can help a Jedi understand the feelings and motives behind someone. Jedi can look at their own nightmares to help understand their own fears.

Dream recall
It is normal for people not to remember their dreams, but in order to understand dreams the first fact to remember is we all dream every single night. There are several reasons why we do not remember our dreams. Society has taught us to not pay attention to our dreams. People are taught that dreams mean nothing and are a waste of time to worry or wonder over. Many dreams do not make sense to us, so we forget them quickly.

Remembering one’s dreams is a good way to strength one’s memory. A Jedi’s memory needs to be clear, detailed, and accurate as possible. Although the Force can help a Jedi do this, the Jedi still needs the basic skills mastered without the Force. To do dream recall, you should first make sure you are getting plenty of sleep when dreaming. Relax, and get rid of all your stress before and after you go to sleep and wake up. Keep a journal or paper near your bed so when you wake up, you can write down the dream. Write down everything you remember, even if it does not make sense. See how fine detailed you can get. Sometimes, when you look at an old dream you will suddenly understand the meaning behind it or why you dreamed that dream. By keeping a dream journal, a Jedi can look for important clues in their feelings, help jog their memory of a certain event or look for patterns within the dream.

Learning dream recall does not just help with general memory, but also with remembering out of body experiences. Dream recall can help with lucid dreaming and dreamwalking. Dream recall will force you to focus, increasing your concentrate, and will make you remember small details.

Dreamwalking is when another Force users enters your mind and with your permission shares control over the dream. This skill requires the walker to be lucid and in control of their own dreams in order to enter someone else’s. When you dreamwalk, both of you have to share the view. Meaning, in the dream, you can only look at a certain direction. The walker, or the person who enters the dream, uses telepathy to be able to understand the dialog in the dream so different languages do not matter. The walker can turn the dream into a nightmare or use the dream to help someone. The dreamer can be forced to confront a fear, solve a problem, or learn how to be healed. The same is true with the walker. Dreamwalking is a difficult and dangerous skill. It should only be attempted by someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge about dreams, the mind and the other person.

Force dreams
Dreams are generally rare for Jedi to have. Force dreams are dreams in which the dreamer feels and or uses the Force in the dream. Sometimes the dream is not a dream, but a Force vision that comes when the dreamer is asleep. The dream may or may not have any significance importance or truth. With that being said, Force dreams tend to be more connected to reality than fantasy. Sometimes a Jedi will be gathering the Force while dreaming to heal their body, thought not intentionally. A Jedi should be sure to write the dream down and replay the dream. Two Jedi can share, though not dreamwalk, a certain dream. This happens because both Jedi are on similar threads of the Force. Should the Force dream mean something, a Jedi should be caution about acting on the dream.

Lucid Dream
Lucid dreaming is the realization you are dreaming. It is commonly confused with dream control. Dream control is when in a dream you are able control the dream. Most people, even unForce sensitive people have had lucid dreams. People can be lucid, meaning aware of the dream, but not in control of a dream. A Force user can know how the dream is turning out and be able to change on the spot the direction of a dream, or replay the event so it happens a different way. A person can wake up, go right back to sleep, or dream a certain part a different way or continue the dream. It is even possible for the lucid dreamer to astral project.

To control the dream, you first need realize you are dreaming. There are little things in everyone’s dream that can indicate to that person they are dreaming, called dream signs. Each dream sign is different to everyone. Once that is done, then you need to want to firmly control the dream. Believing that dreams can be controlled is very important. It is best to start with simple changes like where you are, what you are aware, what other people are wearing. You can later work up with changing actions. You can go back to a scene and change a scene. You can control people in your dream so they say what you want them to say. Of course, do not fight to get control of the dream. If you are trying too hard you will end up waking yourself up.

OOBE stands for out of body experience. Many people get confused with the difference between OOBEs and astral projection. There is no real difference between OOBE and AP. OOBE is considered to be the more scientific term, although science had barely touched the subject. Astral projection is thought to be the more spiritual term, but both terms mean the same thing. Under the category of out of body experiences there is near death experiences, astral projection, bi, and tri location.

Although most OOBE happens when the person is asleep, or close to sleep, OOBEs can be done when awake. OOBES can be done consciously or unconsciously. People do not need training to do an OOBE, but Force users are likely to have an easier time doing an OOBE on command. For people who unconsciously, but are awake, have an OOBE, they describe the experience as seeing the room or environment with an unusual clarity and a different point of view, other than their own. The people say that they feel like they have stepped out of their body for a minute and can see the world around them.

Astral Projection
Astral projection, also known as ap, is the ability to mentally and spiritually wise leave, or project your body and travel the world around you. When you astral project, you enter into a plane. The most commonly known and visited plane is what is known as the astral plane. This has been misnamed because the astral plane is really a term that sums up all the planes that exist and not just one plane. These planes show us Earth and all of space. Everything you see on Earth you will see with you when astral project. There are many other planes that you can go to. Force users are constantly discovering a new plane. There is one plane that is most visited because this is the plane everyone starts projecting to. It is called the Real Time Zone plane, due to the fact that the plane is an exact copy of the world you see, breathe and live in.

Astral Projecting
There is no limit of how far you can go and you can always return to your body whenever you wish. You can meet people with good planning beforehand in this state. They can be either aping themselves or just noticing you. If they are not aping they must be strong enough in the Force to be able to sense your presences. This will not work with your friend who is also new at astral projecting. You can return to your body anytime by either opening your eyes and break the link or by returning to your body. You can not be hurt while aping, but you can be mentally attacked. Astral projecting should have no physical effect on you because you are using energy indirectly.

For sitting or lying down, this step is a must. Clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. You mind must be empty and still. You will need full concentration for this skill. If you sneeze or stop yourself for any reason you will have to start all over again. Relax and get rid of any fears you have about astral projecting. You will have to really want to do this in order for this to work. Any fear you have about the astral plane or leaving your body will keep you from being successful. You want your body to fall asleep, but keep your mind awake. If you find you can not do this, drink something that is sugary.

In order to astral project you will have to feel and control your spirit. Your spirit is your soul, personality, what makes you, you. To do this, feel yourself. I do not mean physically. Close your eyes and think about yourself.

What you are going to do is project your astral body, also known as your spirit, out of you. Imagine a ghost of yourself. Picture the ghost like a see through view of you. Now imagine a fan below you, blowing air through your body. Visualize the fan blowing the ghost gently and slowly out of your body.

Now, picture what it would look like to be floating a few inches above your live body from a first person point of view. You will be looking at the ceiling if you are lying down. With that picture of the floating ghost and feeling your spirit and become the ghost and float slowly up. Have your spirit float to that spot in the air, looking at the ceiling. It is the closest feeling to levitating without actually doing it. You may feel like you are in two places at once. It will feel like you can feel your living body and your astral projection body at the same time. Place your focus on aping.

Although floating in the air is fun, it will get old quickly. To get your feet on the ground, just float downward and at an angle to straighten your body up so you will be standing. Take a moment to stop and look around. Notice the details around you. In the room is dark, what you should see is a dark room. Some details may be less noticeable than when you are in your room awake. Some details will stand out more.

In people’s written experiences and articles one has to teach themselves how to walk. When we walk to the kitchen we do not think about picking up our feet and then placing it ahead of the other foot. We just move with no conscious thought to it unless we trip or our balance is off. Most of the time we are hardly aware of the movement involved with walking. When we walk in our astral body we just think of where we want to go and just go there. So for practice, look for the door to your room and walk over to the door. Practice walking around the house. No one will see you or know that you are “out” of bed.

There are several different ways of getting out of your mind. Lucid dreaming is one way to achieve your goal. When you lucid dream you become aware of yourself, but your body is asleep and your mind is at the right state to astral project. So you have to astral project as you lucid dream. It is possible to have someone project and pull you out of your body with your permission, but it is best to go with the natural way.

Projecting yourself and walking seems pretty fun and wild, but there is much more that can be done in the astral plane. There are many properties of the astral plane and what be done while astral projecting. There first rule to remember is a hard one to remember. The rule is anything is possible in the astral plane. Only your mind will stop you.

On earth, we are bound to the laws of gravity. In the astral plane, there is no gravity. You can jump as far was you want. You can throw a ball as far as you want. You can be light or heavy as you want. You can be as strong as you want. You can run faster than you ever have and not get tired. Many people find joy in flying around their home. You can walk through anything you. You can walk through wood, stone, fire, ice and so on. Your astral body can not die and can not receive any long lasting damage. You will not feel any pain to your astral body, but that does not stop your earth body to feel pain, heat or cold.

There is an interesting ability that can be done in the astral plane and it is called manifestation. On earth, manifestation is possible, but hard to do. Manifestation is the ability, through hard and constant concentration, to make certain events happen. In the astral plane, manifestation takes a more literal meaning. You can just think of an object and it will appear. If you want a cup of water, just think of the exact cup of water you want and it will appear. You can create anything you want through thought.

The astral plane also contains the Force. For a Jedi in training, this means you can safely and privately practice anything from lightsaber skills to telekinesis. It is said that transferring skills from what you learned in the astral plane to real life is not as hard as one would think. A Jedi can also affect their body in a positive way in the astral plane. You can practice healing your body in the astral plane, or have someone, project and heal your astral body, which will heal your physical body.

While it is possible to aping to Antarctica, it will be very difficult. It is hard because you do not know what Antarctica looks like in real life. It is not enough to look at the television, books, and web cams. Everything always looks different, once you are there. Make sure you know where you are going to project yourself before you start doing it. It is a good idea to research the spot you are going to go to. The more you know about the area and the exact spot you are going to astral project to, the easier it will be.

Near death experiences or NDE, happen when someone is very close to death or are medically dead and are brought back to life, experience a strange vision or sensation. NDE is a type of OOBE that is done unconscious, unknowingly and without control.

Often, when a person has a NDE their incidence goes something like this. The person gets into an accident, generally being through hard into something else, knocking the person unconsciously and very close to death, if they have not died right then. The person finds themselves “back” into the material world, only they can see their body and themselves. The person finds that they are tapped out of their body and are unable to enter their dying or dead body. They are unable to communicate with anyone or affect anything. This scares the person. The only was for the NDE to end, is for the mind to regain consciousness and to open the eyes.

Why a NDE happens is for mental safety. The mind will throw the spirit of the person out of the body. This is done so the spirit does not have to deal with the shock and pain to come from the accident. The mind keeps the spirit out until the body is stable and will not harm the mind. When this happens the mind lets the spirit back in.

Some people that have a NDE go through different signs. Some say that they saw a light, felt like they were traveling upwards, feel a strong sense of peace or calm, have a counter with a being of light, are growing lighter, or feel like they are returning to the body with reluctance. These signs indicate that they person had an OOBE.

Bi Locating and Tri
There are two ideas of what bi location is. The first idea is bi location means you are astrally being at two places at once. This type of bi location is the documented witness of a teacher’s double, though not a twin, being spotted in a school. Students would spot an exact version of her in another part of the school. It turns out that the teacher was astral projecting herself in a way that could be seen. She was kicked out of many schools because of this ability.

The second idea of what bi location is the idea of being aware of your astral body being in the astral plane, and being aware of your physical body. This ability serves no purpose other than to increase your awareness, learning to strengthen your projecting skills, and to increase focus and concentration skills. This will help you astral project fully. Both methods are hard to achieve and take practice.

Tri location is a bit more complex an idea, taking off from the second bi location definition. You can have more than one astral body in the astral plane, but it is hard to see through two different points of view at once. This skill allows you to be able to view your astral body or what is behind you. Tri location is when you are aware of your physical body, you astral body and then another astral body than you project near you. This is extremely hard to do and your focus on each part of you will not be crystal clear.

When you think of the subconscious, think of a very well done and complex computer program. The subconscious is the inner, half silent mind. Like a computer program, you do not notice the subconscious working until you look for it, give it a command, or see a result from it.

Your subconscious can and is doing a variety of tasks that you may not be aware of. It is because of society we have forgotten or ignored the subconscious. Because we are not aware of the subconscious, we lose a lot of self awareness. If we are not aware of ourselves, we are not very sensitive to small, important details around us. To understand the world and the Force, we should start with understand ourselves, which is why a Jedi learns to meditate first and then learn to feel, and use the Force.

The subconscious can be programmed to remind you to wake up at a certain hour. To do this, repeat out loud to yourself before you go to sleep, to wake up at that hour. Visualize the time on the clock in your mind, to reinforce the idea. If you do not wake up, do not get discouraged. This does take practice, like all other skills. After a while your subconscious will automatically wake you up at the hour, unless it is told otherwise.

Another useful task that your subconscious can do is analyzes and solve problems without you evening knowing it. When you get stuck on a math problem or how to write a paper or even what to say to a friend is it always best to put the problem aside and take a break, to later come back to it. During your break, the subconscious is working on the problem for you. This is why often times the answer will come to you suddenly, when you are not thinking about the problem during your break.

When trying to remember an event that you were present for, it is best to communicate with the subconscious. The subconscious is especially good at noting small details like smells, temperature, little movements, faces, and colors. This is important for a Jedi’s memory. Ask your subconscious to help provide the essential details about the event or person you are trying to remember. Quiet the mind of all thoughts and emotions to be able to pick up on the details being giving. The answer will not be a voice, but it will seem something human like.

The subconscious can be programmed to do many other things like be in charge of your body. The subconscious can be another way to do self healing. It can monitor, notify you, and control the body functions. You can ask your subconscious to check and keep your heart rate down, or bring you attention to the problem. Your subconscious can check for any harmful germs in your body to warn you of an upcoming cold. It is important for a Jedi, and or anyone, to be in their best health, so it is worth while programming your subconscious to do this. It may be hard to get in touch with your subconscious and teach the outer and inner mind to talk to each other. Practice and time will solve this.

Unconscious abilities
Unconscious abilities are skills, done through the Force, which is done unconsciously or subconsciously. There are two types of Force users that fall under this definition.

The first groups to come to mind are the untrained Force users. These people will naturally do certain skills without meaning to and have a lack of control and grace. This unconscious control happens because these untrained individuals have a stronger connection to the Force than most people. Once they force users begin training, the unconscious abilities will disappear for some time.

The second group is the well trained Force users. These people have worked with the Force so much they perform different abilities without noticing it. This is because they have trained for so long and so intensely it comes from instincts. They can gather the Force and send it to another person without thought. The Force user might be able to sense emotions from someone and not even be aware of the effort it should have taken or the steps needed.

Advance Force Exercises

In the dark
By now, most students have read that it is important for them to be aware of their surroundings at all the time; many students do not believe this until the test. This test is not brought on by any teacher, other than the student. If a Jedi really wishes to learn to trust the Force, they will practice this exercise. They should learn not only sense their surroundings, but realize their eyes do not see all or the eyes can be deceived. Sometimes, as human nature goes, people to tend to focus on the brightest, loudest, most interesting thing, ignoring the smaller details. Learning to sense everything around you, no matter what state of mind you are in, will train your mind and eyes to notice the smaller, seemingly less significant details.

For one day, if possible, refrain from cleaning your room. Let there be clothes, books, and junk on the floor. Make sure there is a fair amount of floor space, so you can walk around and not have to hop from space to space. Turn off the lights and try to darken any light coming from windows or other light sources.

Stand at one end of the room, furthest away from the light. Close your eyes relax and open yourself up to the Force. Let your Force awareness grow until you can sense the Force in the whole room. Narrow your awareness to just a foot of floor around you. Sense, not try to remember, any objects around you. Now take a step where you think it is safe, meaning you will not step on anything. Sense your area again for new objects. Repeat this until you have made it to the light and turn the light on. Look back on the path you took. If you messed up several times, do not feel bad. Over time your skill will improve and soon you will find yourself doing this when half asleep, trying to make your way to the bathroom.

Finding lost stuff
Many of us misplace important bills, constantly lose the remote to the television, or have kids that like to barrow or hide things from you. You can search the house, turning it into a total mess and never find the object. You can search and search your memory, if you have not thought about asking your subconscious, for the missing paper. If one stops in the middle of their destruction of the house and listen to the Force, they can find the keys. It will require you to close your eyes, relax, feel the Force, visualize the keys and listen to where the Force is hinting they are. If you go to the spot and not find them, it means you misinterpreted the Force. You will to calm down and truly focus on the keys and not try to guess where they are.

Moving objects
Sensing stable, fixed objects, or people, it is easy to do, compared to sensing moving cars, cats, kids, and other fast, changing objects. What makes moving objects is the fact that they are unpredictable and the faster they get, the more erratic they become. One skill that will help you learn to track them is the flowing meditation. You learn how energy flows, the speed and direction the Force can flow.

Sensing moving objects requires a stronger skill level in the Force. You must be able to connect and stay connected to that object and not get distracted. You also should not try to predict where it will be through logic, but trust the Force to tell you. The other part to making sensing objects that move is reacting to what you sense. If you sense that cat run towards you, you should get out of the way, but that is harder than it sounds. You have to train your mind to not just be aware of your surroundings, but understand how and why to react. Sometimes you should not react or not in the instinctual way. The Force can tell you how to react to what you sense, if you listen and trust the Force.

Finally there is one more sensing skill to learn that is very useful. A Jedi should always be aware of their surroundings for any type of danger, such as a person sneaking up on them. Sometimes you know the person is near by, but you will want to track down their exact location. Sometimes you will have to scan the whole room constantly for a presence. Be mindful they may know you are doing this.

Most window operated computers have this game. Minesweeper for all that do not play it is a game where you find bombs, using the numbers for clues. It is suppose to be a game of logic, but it is a great game for learning to trust your feelings in the Force. The Jedi version of this game is not to depend so much on the numbers for clues, but to use the Force to sense the bombs and avoid them. This game will also teach Jedi to pay attention to warnings in the Force.

In the MSN instant messaging version of the game, you left click on the bombs instead of flag them. Force users should imagine what the bomb looks like in their head and also the screen. Gather the Force and send the Force to the screen looking for the bombs. It is suppose to feel for the bombs, which usually feels "right". Some Jedi can see where the bomb is, rather than feel the bomb or warning of the bomb. As you get better you do this with your eyes open.

Internet Games
There are two sites that are good for learning to sensing objects you can not see. GotPsi (http://www.gotpsi.org/bi/gotpsi.htm) have 5 good games (do not try the Card Draw Test, it is a fake test) to learn to sense where the card, image, or target is. The second site that hosts games for sensing objects is called Psi Arcade (http://www.psiarcade.com/index2.html). The games are similar, but different in an amusing sense to GotPsi.

Seeing into the future
Precognition is a dangerous skill to practice, if the reasons are wrong. Finding something you did not want to learn, like your own death, it could ruin your present life. You can not be sure ever if you are right or not. If you make a mistake you could cause more trouble then you ever wish for. Therefore, it is highly advised that you use caution when playing around with time.

Since looking into the future is a tricky and unreliable skill, it is best to start foreseeing with something simple and meaningless, like the weather. Knowing tomorrow’s weather will not change anything or anyone. As you look further and further into the future, the less reliable it is, no matter what your skill is. It is a common concept will make this easier to do because we are all familiar with it. The first step is making sure you have idea what the weather is going to be so you can not guess. Then, relax, to open your connection to the Force.

If you can, look out a window, at the sky. Close your eyes and let your thoughts wonder about the weather. After a minute or two, refocus on concentrating on the future, especially the thought of tomorrow. Focus on the idea of tomorrow’s weather, while keeping the Force flowing through you. The answer may come through a feeling, or a vision. If you get two or more answers, do not worry. It means the future may not be very clear. See if you can narrow down the answers to one by feeling for the stronger, righter answer.

Other simple, meaningless things to foresee are yes or no questions, what the next card will be in a stack of face down cards, or who will call you. If you find yourself having trouble, or unable to get a clear answer see what the problem is. You should be calm and without feelings or thoughts. Your environment should quiet and calm. Dark emotions that have resided in a house or building for years can cloud or block the future. It you were wrong in your prediction, do no get mad at yourself. Seeing the future is a tricky skill.

Sensing the past
This is not a very well known ability, for few have done it. Sensing the past is called retrocognition or also known as postcognition. There are two types of sensing the past: sensing your own past and the past of others. Sensing your past is more than searching your memory and old baby pictures. It is the emerging yourself into the Force and looking behind rather than forward, picking up feelings and hints from the Force, searching key points and meanings in your life.

The second type is the sensing the past through objects. When we touch anything we leave fingerprints, a scent and DNA, which can be tracked back to us. Also we leave a Force impression, a Force scent or signature. A Jedi using the Force can track a person by sensing this Force signature. This is done by learning what the person feels like and looking around a room through the Force, for the person’s feel. You can sense every object they touched, every footstep they took and sweat of that person. This can also be done on you by yourself and is useful when trying to find misplaced or lost objects.

Force Theories
“A set of ideas formulated to explain something; the principles on which an activity is based on.” - Oxford Dictionary

Currents of the Force
As we all know the Force is huge, vast and powerful beyond the human mind. The Force can be thought as an ocean with currents, tides, and rivers flowing in and out of this ocean. For most part, people exist in the largest, deepest part of this ocean. They are hardly aware of where they are, like they do in real life. There are other Force users that are naturally attracted by the pull of the current and we call them Force sensitive.

When a new student gathers energy they are facing the flow of energy. It would be like if you stood still in a river and gathered water by letting the water flow into the bucket. Come of the water goes into the bucket, but most of the water has to go around you and your bucket. This creates a disturbance in the river. A beginner can not gather much energy and therefore can not create much of a disturbance which is why they do not feel any dizziness. The stronger you are, the more of disturbance you make.

The funny part is as we get stronger we realize how big the Force is. As we get stronger we travel along the ocean. As the ocean grows more narrow and at some point it will start to break off into river and streams. You can travel these streams. You can, if advance enough, create and control where these rivers go to.

The Force and Society
Society needs the Force as the Force needs society. The Force effects society in everyway. When a country has been through hundreds and hundreds of years of war and other problems it’s because there are dark energies there effecting it. Now when a country has been through something more recent it’s because a negative stream of energy has been running through the country.

The Force affects society in the way it is run, what they speak, cultures and other aspects. When there are good energies and strong, leaders you will find a democracy. When you have bad energies, and one very strong, but dark leader you get dictatorship. Different languages are the result of the Force being used in different ways. Religion and traditions are directly related to the energy present and how the people view it.

The Forest and the Pond
The Force is connected to life. Life reacts to the Force. Different places have different speeds of the flow of the Force. In a forest with a fast moving stream, all life is dependent on that stream. The Force flows parallel to the stream. The animals in the forest are made for speed and quick movement. Everything competes against each. You can see this through the Force.

In a pond everything is slow and opposite of a forest. There is little competition. Things grow slowly, but do well. Animals do not fight for food as much and plants do not crowd to get closer to the light. The Force does not even flow, but ripple along. The Force feels more peaceful because the lack of competition.

More Flowing
As you may have well known energy is everywhere. It exists through and in us, animals, plants and non living mass like rocks. It not only just exists, but flows through everything. Energy flows in currents like the ocean does. The currents tend to slow down and build up in areas of the world. These build ups are in placed like the southwest of America and other places. You can tell it is a build up because there will be lots of Jedi and a history of weird, unexplainable things that have happened there. These areas attract Force Users and are a nursery for beginning Jedi.

Energy even flows through rocks, water of all forms, dirt, even mountains where there is no life. There is no visible effect to be seen, but the flow can be felt. Force currents work in local, personal levels as well as world wide. You see this happening all over and generally it’s taken for granted. The best Force connections known are with pants and animals.

We have all heard of people having green thumbs and sweet talking to their plants. People that can grow anything are naturally consciously or unconsciously sending energy to the plants. Because plants can not talk, move or make sound, a Jedi must be able to feel what the pant needs. In other words a Jedi will use empathy to communicate. The link between the plant and person has a very positive effect. You will note these people are kind, caring, and gentle to all.

Large areas of woods, parks or jungles also have currents of energy running through them. You can tell the type of energy running through by noting the health of the plants and animals. Energy and nature work together to keep all the animals and plants well balanced. If there is too much or too little of type of energy, life will respond according. Nature will get work with energy, so to help the mistake in the balance of life. An example of this is the deer population here in America. There is something wrong with the energy that is making the deer multiply too fast. A different type of energy has come and made the deer attracted to cars and getting run over. The deer do not even know this is happening. It sounds horrible, but it’s nature’s answer. The other option is for the deer to starve to death. Nature does not like this answer, but for millions of years this was the only way of dealing with the population increase. It is a slow method that is rather harmful than good.

Those who use their good energy on plants work similarly animals. Animals are much more complex, especially the more developed the mind is. A Jedi has a calm aura, a relaxed body and a soft voice. Most animals want you to properly introduce yourself to them. An animal will pick this up right away and will be more inclined to trust you. If you ever break character your trust will be lost and it will be hard to regain.

Some animals are known to be more psychic than others. Cats and dogs are the best known. You hear and watch on television their miracles. Animals seem to be able to known when something is wrong. They can sense danger in a house, such as a fire. The pets will try their hardest to warn you and try to lead your out of the house. Pets can tell when you are sick or in pain and will curl up on your bed with you to bring comfort. Some pets have such intense links with their owner they know when their owner is not well at a great distance.

Next time you are in the woods, on a road trip, over at a friend’s house or just playing with your pets take the time to study the energy around them and see if what this is true.

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