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News : Jedi...
Posted by Kyp_Durron on 2010/4/15 13:40:00 (1978 reads) News by the same author

Greetings My Fellow Jedi...

From time to time, each organization becomes faced with situations that are unexpected. This is true of all organizations. For our site, and the greater Jedi Community that time has now come.

There is an open discussion about either a possible merger or loose confederation with the Temple of the Jedi Order.

I must be clear: No decisions have been made. This is simply a preliminary phase; there has been no decisions as of yet as to how, when, or if this will happen. However it is being talked about, and you do have the right to know that. For this purpose, I am asking everyone to participate in a community wide roll call. Each branch of this site will be given their own thread in the study halls or discussion halls that will focus on this exact subject. It is vital to get an understanding of how many active and non-active members we have at this site. It is also a chance to document the lineage of the students, and document the official roles that anyone may have, or committees that anyone has served on.

Not only will this give us information vital to a proper assessment if a merger is in the best interests of our home here, but if there is no merger, it will begin our Jedi Archives Project and begin its movement in a new and exciting way.I will be monitoring the forums twice daily for the next month (30 days) to allow enough time to gather the required data, as well as allow the more occasional members to have their chance to throw their hands up and have their voice heard. Your participation in this project is encouraged and appreciated.

May the force be with you.

~Master Jyn Osiris

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Author Thread
Published: 2010/5/11 21:25  Updated: 2010/5/11 21:25
Joined: 2010/5/11
From: California
Comments: 1
 Re: Jedi...
Master Osiris,

Greetings, I am Kavika, a student of the living Force and child of the universe. This is my first post and I feel strongly about the topic. It is difficult to measure my future usage of this site, however, I will endeavor to investigate the other organization in order to provide you with an informed response. Of course, solidarity amongst those who are followers of the Ways of the Force and building a wider community, in my view, would seem prudent and healthy. However, as with any organization there must be just that-organization. A distinct hiarchy must be established and that alone may be a daunting task to those who wish to undertake it.

My guess, is that there are a core few members of this organization who are quite active, followed by a greater number of less active members, following an exponential pattern. Hence, your survey. Understood.

I would venture to say, that the voices of those most active members would weigh more heavily in the balance of a decision to merge, or not to merge.

My personal view is that it is prudent to bring as many of us together and under one big roof as can be manageable. I suppose, I have only restated the obvious. As I am unaware of those who have partaken in such discussion and their views on the matter, I am ill-equipped to provide any real insight at this time.

I do, however, appreciate your commitment to keep all informed and the priviledge to provide input on this important matter.

Very respectfully,