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Temple of the Jedi Force : Quran Burning

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Quran Burning, koran, burning bibles


News : Quran Burning
Posted by admin on 2010/9/9 2:50:00 (21557 reads) News by the same author

As Jedi, how do you feel about the burning of sacred texts of Muslim or any
world religion?

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Author Thread
Published: 2011/3/2 16:37  Updated: 2011/3/2 16:37
Joined: 2011/2/24
From: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Comments: 57
 Re: Quran Burning
This is just more extremism... just like the Muslims that screamed abuse and threw things at the pope on his visit to London...

"Believe what I believe or we will make you" kind of attitude...

A very 14th century viewpoint... hopefully all religion will step out of the dark ages completely some day?
Published: 2011/2/16 20:50  Updated: 2011/2/16 20:50
Joined: 2011/2/16
From: La Puente, California
Comments: 3
 Re: Quran Burning
I have mixed feelings. The concern is that we will anger the Muslims if one man burns a book. But we ignore the church burnings in Egypt, Gaza and Indonesia. Why are we notalso condemning what the Muslims are doing against the Christians but we are fearful what the act of one Christian will do to anger all of the Muslims?
Published: 2010/12/21 16:48  Updated: 2010/12/21 16:48
Joined: 2010/12/21
From: Pressburg, Austria-Hungary
Comments: 2
 Re: Quran Burning
I have mixed feelings about this. The entire event shows how sensitive people are and how easily they can be influenced to anger. I feel that this man is only claiming to "burn the Koran" just to upset people and get his 2 minutes of fame. Sadly, the public allowed themselves to get into it and the media oblige him further.

However, it is just one thing that can happen and will happen in our society with the values we hold dear. It is within his right to burn a book and protest, however I think he has other motives.

One should also consider the alternative in a society where no critical comments are allowed regarding the leadership, such as in China or...right now in Belarus. As I type this, tens of thousands of Belarussians are fighting just to maintain their election, to gather in the street and simply ask to debate with their leaders. Rather than negotiate anything, the Lukoshenko government has sent soldiers against its own people....and no one seems to notice or care much.

Cheers, Mr.C
Published: 2010/10/1 3:28  Updated: 2010/10/1 3:28
Joined: 2010/10/1
Comments: 1
 Re: Quran Burning
The guy is just nasty. What I think is really bad is the way a nutter like this gets on the world's media. He hijacked it!
Published: 2010/9/26 17:07  Updated: 2010/9/26 17:07
Joined: 2010/9/7
From: Cloudcroft, NM
Comments: 7
 Re: Quran Burning
I feel that it is definatly wrong to burn the books of any religion. I'm sure this individual would be quite upset if the situation were reversed and it was a Muslim burning the Bible. No one's beliefs should be put down in any way. We need to be accepting of others and their beliefs. Just because they are different then ours does not make them wrong.
Published: 2010/9/22 10:43  Updated: 2010/9/22 10:43
Joined: 2010/9/15
From: UK
Comments: 235
 Re: Quran Burning
as a jedi you should be promoting peace as one of the teaching points out

Published: 2010/9/12 8:19  Updated: 2010/9/12 8:19
Joined: 2008/9/27
Comments: 109
 Re: Quran Burning
The 'holy' muslim leader just threatened that ANY american ANYWHERE will be killed if this one guy burns a their book? And then people whine that this act will impede 'peaceful' dialogue? If your family is 'American' he just said that he would have them dead. Troops in Afghanistan are ALREADY in harms way so I don't see how this situation changed anything.

Hey, speaking of burning, is that another american flag they are burning there?
Published: 2010/9/10 1:14  Updated: 2010/9/10 1:14
Joined: 2010/9/10
Comments: 1
 Re: Quran Burning
I feel really sorry for some Muslims who has nothing to do with issue about US officials warn of danger in Koran burning, I read some articles about it, and it was stated that if the plan were to go ahead "it will damage relations among religions and dialogue and cultural relations between nations". I really hope issues like this could end up in a peaceful manner. Let's move on and respect each other’s beliefs and rights.
Published: 2010/9/9 22:00  Updated: 2010/9/9 22:00
Joined: 2010/5/22
From: Wisconsin
Comments: 184
 Re: Quran Burning
This is total B.S. i think this is so wrong, but I have read that he has cancel the burning but has threatent to reconsider. Guess it is a matter of waiting and seeing what happens. This is all because someone is building a Islamic center and mosque 2 blocks away from ground zero! Yes 9/11 was the saddest day in America history but there are many muslims who are americans and they cried that day along with the rest of us. But what is sad is the media attention he is getting, this is why radicals do their crazy sh*t. Becuase they get all this attention and they enjoy watching everyone get in a uproar over things.
Published: 2010/9/9 21:45  Updated: 2010/9/9 21:45
Joined: 2006/10/27
From: Neillsville, WI
Comments: 2517
 Re: Quran Burning
I can tell you straight out that I am not pleased with this idea. It is actually being discussed on Facebook as well bu some of us. However, no matter how idiotic it is for him to be doing what he plans, he is within his rights to do so. These are the freedoms that we are allowed here in the US. I also think the media is blowing this way out of proportion and is giving him too much coverage. But, that is also their right to do. As Jedi, we are taught to be respectful of other's beliefs. I do not agree with this man and what he plans to do, but he believes he is in the right. Interesting situation we find ourselves in. Keep in mind, there is little we can do to stop him in his act of stupidity. We can all hope, however, that karma bites him in the backside for this action.

May the Force be With You,
Jedi Grayson Dark
Published: 2010/9/9 15:11  Updated: 2010/9/9 19:10
Jedi Sentinel
Joined: 2006/6/2
From: Parachute, Colorado
Comments: 4657
 Re: Quran Burning
You know it sickens me to know someone who "claims" to be a paster of a church has the mental blockage to do something so idiotically stupid as this.

If he has the Quran why doesn't he read it and examine it, seriously it was written 1000 years after the Holy Bible (christianity) and the Christian bible was written something like 500 years after the Jewish bible, which was written 2000 years after the very FIRST religious text from Sumeria, Gilgamesh and Ishmal translate in to the Hebrew and Christian bibles as Abraham and Isaac, in the Islamic Quran they are Abraham and his pupil Mohammad.

I know this because I just did a religious studies class and was able to compare the three bibles closely, I have read online texts of the Hebrew and Islamic bibles, I own a Christian bible (was my Grandfathers).

This is why we follow the line of the code "There is no ignorance; there is knowledge" this man is showing his ignorance not only about another religion but also the fallout of his actions.

The video says "this will make westerners everywhere unsafe, and targets of hatred" we are hated enough as it is, why give people more fuel for a fire that in my honest opinion should not be burning in the first place?

Published: 2010/9/9 8:02  Updated: 2010/9/9 8:02
Joined: 2009/6/18
From: Nebraska
Comments: 1263
 Re: Quran Burning
I would first off like to say that do something like this to anything anyone holds dear shows lack of respect and poor judgment.. We can not promote peace by doing things that will invoke anger and feelings of hostility... Constitutional rights??? well perhaps he does have a right to express him self but i believe that is limited to as long is don't infringe on the the rights of others.. all people in the USA have the rights to practice there religions.. basically what the dude is doing is making people feel unsafe and insecure to do so..
one man can make a difference.. i really never gave it much thought as how that difference could have a negative impact.. talk about an eye opener.. these writings regardless of our religious backgrounds are an integral part of our human heritage.. and thus should be preserved and protected. but of course giving something like this media exposure as what purpose does that serve as this horrid event could have been contained locally.... one man does not necessarily represent the collective views of the rest of a world or a religious group for that matter.. DO NOT BURN !!!!!