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Temple of the Jedi Force : Prince Charles of England is descended from Dracula

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News : Prince Charles of England is descended from Dracula
Posted by admin on 2011/10/28 19:30:00 (3677 reads) News by the same author

Did you know that Prince Charles, son of the Queen of England, is a descendant of Dracula?

Seems that royalty in England comes with a legacy of the night. Prince Charles by his own words acknowledges the fact that he is descended by blood and in the family of the Vampire Vlad the Impaler.

This is not a Halloween hoax, read these articles by credible news organizations:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/art ... earning-Transylvania.html

http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/s ... harles-dracula/50952420/1

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines ... s-hes-related-to-dracula/

Now that we know the facts about the lineage of the tyranny that we as a country fled it's time to look at our own blood sucking legislators.

Prince Charles may have a proven lineage going back to one of the most vile and despicable figures in history. By their own voting records and failure to act there is a vile and despicable nature to all the members of our House of Representatives and Senators. For years they've done nothing, literally nothing, to address the needs of their constituents while granting themselves pay increases. The lawmakers in this country have the health care program in place for themselves and their families while denying the tax paying citizens equal care.

In 2012 congress will be in session less than 1/3rd of the calendar year.

If you were only required to show up for work about 4 months out of a year would you at least do a good job? What is it that our elected officials are doing? Are the people we voted into office spending their 3 month out of a year job doing anything that is benefiting any of us?

Our political system is filled not with a difference of ideas but with hatred. Once there was a pendulum that swung from right to left and back again as a metaphor on politics. Right now the pendulum is stuck. It's not moved by the conservatives, it's not moved by the liberals, it's not moving at all. The political atmosphere at this time is one of hatred and distrust. America doesn't need terrorists from abroad to bring our way of life to it's knees. The greed of American Corporations with so much emphasis on meeting or beating next quarters profits has already reformed long standing institutions of the American economy into slave traders that seek to divest themselves of the very thing that made them strong. American corporations don't want employees anymore. Employees cost money and that's an expense to publicly traded corporations.

What happens when General Motors announces a lay off? The price of their stock goes up!

The future is bleak for anyone that works with their hands or has a skill. The future is great for the lawyers and investment bankers and lenders.

Capitalism in America comes down to this: Make as much money as fast as you can.

Nowhere in the capitalist creed is there any mention about the longevity of the workforce, the economy, or the planet.

There is an undercurrent made up of the dwindling middle class. You see their thoughts on blogs, on the news, and now in their demonstrations. It's made up of real people that just want to have a decent life but can't afford it.

The profit motive has run amok and now corporations can't employ people and stay competitive.

What is the answer?

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Published: 2012/2/19 13:39  Updated: 2012/2/19 13:39
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 Re: Prince Charles of England is descended from Dracula
I am related to Prince Charles of Glaston bury in the 1600s