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Temple of the Jedi Force : Obama, house, senate

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Obama, house, senate


Member Contributions : President's call isn't worth getting out of bed.
Posted by admin on 2012/11/9 21:17:53 (1833 reads) News by the same author

If, before election day, Barack Obama still maintained any illusions about the possibility of working with Congressional Republicans in a second term, he's got to be over that now, because...

When Obama tried to do the gracious thing--calling Republican leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell after accepting Mitt Romney's concession--not to gloat, but probably planning to say something like, "I look forward to working with you," both of those "leaders" REFUSED TO TAKE HIS CALL.

From the New York Times:

After his speech, Mr. Obama tried to call both Mr. Boehner and the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, but was told they were asleep.

Yeah, yeah, it was after midnight, and it had been a long day, and they're not so young any more, and they were "asleep." But even if the person answering the phone was Boehner's or McConnell's spouse. And even if it was a flunky or a bodyguard or a high-ranking aide, who had instructions not to wake the guy up: It was the President of the United States calling, for Pete's sake.

That is a snub, a willful insult, a deliberate, in-your-face political slap of epic proportions. And I hope that President Obama sees it for what it is and understands that nothing has changed for those guys, and that there is no way to work "with" them, because their immature, despicable, rude, disrespectful election-night behavior says it all.

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/7/11 5:47  Updated: 2013/7/11 5:47
Joined: 2006/6/12
From: Ellijay GA
Comments: 3099
 Re: President's call isn't worth getting out of...
<p>Please, if you all think there's really a difference between the parties and that this political dissonance is just their to distract you all then you haven't really been paying attention. While the Republicans try to force Religion on us the Democrats are trying to legislate morality, both two sides of the same coin. I'll tell you what they agree on though, violating your civil rights.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> http://www.aclu.org/reform-patriot-ac ... ></p><p>We as Jedi should pay carful attention to politicians. Palpatien was a politician after all. &nbsp;</p>
Published: 2012/11/10 14:55  Updated: 2012/11/10 14:55
Joined: 2011/9/20
From: Washington
Comments: 820
 Re: President's call isn't worth getting out of...
<p>I agree. This has brought up a good point for me though; I really should try to get over my addiction to debates and politics. Considering the majority of it is stress and conflicting opinions, it doesn't really seem to be very healthy. Self improvement relates to Jediism and I have some work to do.</p>
Published: 2012/11/10 4:54  Updated: 2012/11/10 4:54
Joined: 2010/8/9
From: Portland Oregon
Comments: 2887
 Re: President's call isn't worth getting out of...
<p>... And what does this have to do with the temple or Jediism exactly? Leave the politics to the politicians.</p>
Published: 2012/11/10 4:11  Updated: 2012/11/10 4:11
Joined: 2011/9/20
From: Washington
Comments: 820
 Re: President's call isn't worth getting out of...
<p>Honestly, I don't think I'd take his call either. Calling people after midnight is not something he was elected for and is, internationally, considered rude. Being president does not make him exempt from proper manners and as someone who should be a role model for the youth he should probably be even more bound to the social standards of politeness and respect. That's my personal opinion though. It seems a bit odd that he had to call in the middle of the night just to say something like "I look forward to working with you." I have to suspect it would have been at least in part to gloat since a simple sentence like that could be delivered in a large number of more appropriate ways.</p>