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Temple of the Jedi Force : An Anecdote from my Youth.

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Member Contributions : An Anecdote from my Youth.
Posted by Merin_Kyo_Den on 2013/8/8 7:13:46 (1484 reads) News by the same author
Member Contributions

I don't know why, but something that happened to me in my youth just popped i my head again as it does from time to time. Now I'm not one to live in the past. What's gone is gone, but in everything there is a lesson or a spark of something greater. This is one of my sparks. After it, I was never the same. Anyway.......

When I was a teenager I used to spend as much time in the city as possible. I practically lived on 48th street in the music district. One day I was grabbing a bite in McDonalds when I witnessed a homeless man being thrown out. The manager insisted he was scaring away customers. The homeless man, just wanting to sit and eat in a little warmth (It was around November) Pleaded with him saying he was a paying customer and just wanted to eat his food and leave. I watched as the stream of humanity just looked on and walked away. Not one person came to his defense, until………

A very well dressed man interrupted the manager and insisted he be allowed to stay. He even invited the homeless man to sit with him. He was adamant about it. Now, as if some spell or veil had been lifted, people started to rally around this homeless man. They saw him. Whereas before he was just a shadow, now he was a man, and one in need of help at that. The manager was now on the spot and acquiesced.

I can’t put in to words the profound impact that act of selflessness and kindness had on me. He had nothing to gain, at least in any corporal sense. But I’d like to think he gained a better sense of what it is to be truly human, and humane. I don’t know if he did or didn’t, but I certainly did. And I carry it with to this day. I have never forgotten that one act. I'm sure the man that did it had no idea he'd sparked something in a young and scruffy looking boy with a guitar strapped to his back. It just goes to show you that no matter how insignificant you may think you are. No mate how small you may feel, you can and do have an impact on the persons around you that is much greater than anything you could ever imagine.

We are all connected; we are all one in the force.

In humility,

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