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Temple of the Jedi Force : The 13 Vows of the Jedi

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Temple Doctrine : The 13 Vows of the Jedi
Posted by AceVenom on 2015/5/21 19:20:00 (3009 reads) News by the same author

The 13 Vows of the Jedi:

The Vow of Respect:

A Jedi must possess the deepest respect for all things, living and inanimate. As a servant of life a Jedi must possess the deepest respect for all things, themselves included. Respect enables a Jedi to deal with both life and people in a fair and honest manner, which strengthens the bonds between people and fosters peace and tranquility.

The Vow of Humility:

A Jedi is no better or more important than anyone else. A Jedi must always be mindful of their attitudes and self-image that they do not become boastful or prideful in either their abilities or beliefs. Humility enables the Jedi to approach others and life in a receptive manner and allows a Jedi to accomplish their goals unobtrusively. The humble person is easier to accept and far less threatening than the braggart.

The Vow of Contemplation:

A Jedi must possess a clear mind and approach life and situations from an objective perspective. Emotion, while not bad, can influence the perceptions and judgment of a Jedi and care must be taken to insure that the position of the Jedi is unbiased. To this end meditation is a highly recommended practice that can both clear the mind as well as teaching patience. Meditation is a key in the life of the Jedi and it affords the Jedi the opportunity to commune with the Force and leads them to a greater self-understanding.

The Vow of Possession:

Possession is not forbidden to the Jedi and neither is it discouraged. A Jedi must guard against greed and avarice, however. Ownership of things such as a home, clothing, food, and even the luxuries and conveniences of life is encouraged among the Jedi and possession grounds the Jedi in physical reality.

The Vow of Moderation:

Balance is key to the life of the Jedi and moderation in all things contributes to this balance. Too little of a thing can lead to deprivation and covetousness. And yet too much can lead to greed and waste. A Jedi must strive to attain only what they need and desire within the bounds of reason. Too little or too much of a thing can be equally destructive and both leach at the peace and contentment of the Jedi.

The Vow of Attachment:

Attachment is vital to the life of the Jedi. The Jedi must know life and be intrinsically tied to it in order to better serve the will of the Force. Jedi must possess ties to the people around them and are encouraged to love. Love is a strong connection to the basis of humanity and can serve as a strong foundation of strength and encouragement when a Jedi needs them most.

The Vow of Industry:

A Jedi must not be idle. Laziness, procrastination, and indecision are all pathways to the dark side. Not through action but rather inaction, this can be equally destructive. A Jedi is endowed with talents and gifts that are intended for the betterment of the Jedi and the world that surrounds them.

The Vow of Restraint:

A Jedi must learn restraint and must strenuously practice it in all their dealings with others. As conscious conduits of the Force, the Jedi must restrain themselves in their dealings with others. As people Jedi possess passions and opinions and the Jedi must take care not to force these views upon others. A Jedi must realize that their thoughts, feelings, and even intentions leave impressions upon the Force that echo outwards and touch the world and people that surround them. Above all, a Jedi must learn physical restraint. Conflict is a necessary and inevitable aspect of life and yet a Jedi must take care to minimize this conflict. Physical violence must be regarded as only a final and most desperate alternative when all attempts at reason and negotiation have failed.

The Vow of Defense:

A Jedi is sworn to defense: the defense of themselves, of others, and of ideals. A Jedi is not born to suffer or to sit idly by when others are threatened. The mandate of the Jedi is to defend those that cannot defend themselves and to protect the sanctity of life even, if necessary, at the expense of their own.

The Vow of Chastity:

A Jedi must avoid the temptations and destruction of the flesh, which can cloud the mind and pollute the soul. This refers to the random propagation and unchecked desires of the human animal which, when left to its own designs, can erode the purest of hearts and obliterate the most noble of creatures. The bonds of deep affection between people are not discouraged as they are physical ties that reinforce the connections between the Jedi and their loved ones and between the Jedi and their own mortality.

The Vow of Obedience:

A Jedi is to be obedient. We are obedient to the laws under which they live, the customs under which they are raised, and to the conscience that directs and steers a Jedi’s thoughts and actions. Furthermore, a Jedi is to obey their instincts and intuitions. For these are a Jedi’s clearest indicators of the will of the Force.

The Vow of Cleanliness:

A Jedi is to be clean in both body and mind. A clean body and the respect for one’s appearance is a clear indicator of one’s mind and the cleanliness of both allows a Jedi to be more receptive to the Force. A cluttered and contaminated vessel does not allow for the smooth transition and flow of its contents and, as such, it must be cleansed. A Jedi can be viewed in the same light... Through the care and maintenance of themselves the Jedi prepare themselves to be conduits for the Force and enable themselves to be directed by its will.

The Vow of Charity:

A Jedi must be giving of themselves. As servants of the Force a Jedi must be willing to give of themselves, their time, and efforts. The Jedi are servants of life and cannot contribute to life without effort and dedication. The Jedi are encouraged to help when necessary, to supply when there is need, and hope when there is none.

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