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Temple of the Jedi Force : Symbol of Temple of the Jedi Order

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smbol meaning, totjo, temple of the jedi order


Temple Doctrine : The Meaning Behind Our Symbol
Posted by admin on 2006/10/8 12:20:00 (4877 reads) News by the same author

Meaning of The Temple Symbol

By Bri-Yinn Juud May 11, 2006
Outer black circle - Represents all that is unknown in the vastness of the universe, that which we strive to discover.

Outer five-point white star - Represents the "Lone Star" state of Texas, where the TJO was first established.

Center white circle - Represents the Force, it surrounds, it penetrates, and it binds all of the elements of the symbol together.

Inner five-point black star - Represents the five points of the Jedi Code (including the Chaos/Harmony line), also reminiscent of the five spires of Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Inner black circle - Represents the Dark Side within all of us that we wish [to] come to terms with in order to keep from being consumed by it.

White field within the black circle - Represents the "light" power we strive to embrace in order to defeat the darkness.

Inner black sixteen-point star - Represents the 16 Teachings of the Jedi.

Inner small white circle in the center - Represents the focused center of the mind that the Jedi must have in order to be a true student of the Force.

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