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Temple of the Jedi Force : how to become a jedi

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Temple Doctrine : How to Become a Jedi
Posted by admin on 2015/5/21 19:40:00 (7802 reads) News by the same author

How to become a Jedi:

1. Profess to yourself and proclaim your acknowledgment of being a Jedi. Follow the Jedi ideals and beliefs. You may hold other spiritual convictions along with being a Jedi and loyalty to both is attainable and encouraged, for your focus determines your reality.

2. Believe in the Force and its power, a Jedi is devoted to the Force, being committed to the ideals of a Jedi is a pervading tenet. A Jedi does not serve the dark side in any way, in thought or in deed. A Jedi acts in a righteous manner defining the principles of a true Jedi. Knowledge and a relationship will you develop with the Force, it resides within you, surrounds you and flows through you.

3. Accept the Jedi teachings that were professed by all Jedi Masters. Their teachings give a spiritual guidance to all Jedi. The melding of the different faiths give the Jedi the direction, knowledge and wisdom that aid in life’s journey.

4. Learn from other Jedi and unlearn what you have learned. The knowledge and support of other Jedi will do nothing but increase your own knowledge and awareness of the Force. On-line fellowship is conducive to the learning process of a Jedi, a process that never has an end.

5. Profess to be a Jedi if you will, but take heart be not boastful or prideful in your abilities and in your talents as you journey along your path.

If you choose to start the path of a Jedi, you will want to start by making an introduction post in the Jedi Initiate Resources area and request to become an initiate. One of the Masters will review your request, update your membership status. Once your membership has been updated to initiate, please create a training journal by posting in the Jedi Training Journals area of our forums. In your training journal your first post should be to re-introduce yourself, tell us what brought you to our temple, what you hope to learn here, and why you want to become a Jedi.

To complete the Initiate's requirements for Apprenticeship, you will need to complete the following:

Meditating on and describe, in a line-by line analysis format, The Jedi code, The Jedi creed, The 3 Primary Tenants of Jediism, The 16 Teachings of the Jedi, and The 13 Vows of the Jedi.

In this analysis, please include your current understanding of the line being analyzed and, if you wish to go the extra mile, how you can/are work(ing) to implement this understanding in your day-to-day life. Please be as elaborate and as thorough as possible, relating any experiences that you have had with them. Please pace yourself with these works, and remember that this is not a race. This is about the journey, and not the destination. This is how you will come to know us, and how we will come to know you. You are not under any deadline to complete this aspect of your journal.

Also, please take some time to consider and answer the following questions: Who are you, and how did you find this Temple? Why do want to become a Jedi? What brought you to this conclusion? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Please see the Jedi training sylabus for further details on training.

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Published: 2015/4/15 2:04  Updated: 2015/4/15 2:06
Joined: 2015/3/14
From: Houston,TX
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 my oath
<p>I profess before my fellow Jedi that I,Timothy,without reservation, choose the Jedi path,with all its duties a responsibilities.I shall do that which is right and profess my allegiance to the force and it's will. I vow to uphold the Jedi teachings,and henceforth devote myself to the life of a Jedi. May The Force Be With Us All</p>
Published: 2009/10/29 15:50  Updated: 2009/10/29 15:50
Joined: 2009/10/29
From: Evans Colorado
Comments: 1
 Re: How to Become a Jedi
“I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I, Kira, without reservation, choose the Jedi path, with all its duties and responsibilities. I shall do that which is right and profess my allegiance to the Force and its will. I vow to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to henceforth devote myself to the life of a Jedi.

May the Force be With US!!!