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Announcements : Jedi code - line one: as interpreted by Master Octagon
Posted by AceVenom on 2015/6/10 22:39:26 (7579 reads)

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Announcements : Jedi code - line one: as interpreted by Master Ace Venom
Posted by AceVenom on 2015/6/6 1:10:00 (3427 reads)

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Announcements : The Jedi Creed
Posted by AceVenom on 2015/5/21 19:10:00 (2254 reads)

The Jedi Creed:

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Announcements : Destiny, according to Master Kyp.
Posted by Kyp_Durron on 2014/10/16 13:20:00 (1382 reads)

I believe we all have a purpose... a destiny. One that we may embrace, or choose to ignore. Our choices affect our destiny, and sometimes even the destiny of those whose lives we touch... for better or worse.

That being said, I absolutely believe in a higher power. An energy which works to keep things in balance. Different Religions and Philosophies have different names for this greater power, as well as differing ideas concerning how it interacts with the mortal realm. Those of us who walk the Jedi Path as our Religion call it the Force. Christians call it the Holy Spirit, though they all too often get too caught up in worshiping the messengers rather than paying attention to the message and respecting the source of it's power. And there are countless others, each with their own interpretations and ideas. Regardless of what path you follow, the source of this higher power springs from the same fountain and manifests itself from within each and every one of us. It speaks to all of us, subtly nudging us in the direction we need to go.

Those of us who have been more stubborn often choose to ignore these subtle nudges, and have had to learn important lessons in life the hard way... the proverbial "school of hard knocks" so to speak. But destiny has a way of course-correcting. And those who are willing to follow it's guidance may yet choose to embrace their destiny and change their future for the better. Or they may choose to become bitter and jaded, ignoring the nudges and continuing their downward spiral of self-destruction.

Ultimately, most often we are the cause of our own suffering by ignoring the nudges of conscience from the Force, whatever you choose to call it. And if you are unwilling to embrace your destiny, someone else will.

As long as the breath of life moves through you, however, there is hope for Redemption. All you have to do is humble yourself and choose to listen... and embrace it. Things in life may not turn out the way you envisioned it, but it will turn out the way it is meant to if you do your part. All things happen for a reason.

For my part, I choose to embrace my destiny. So long as I breathe, there is hope for what was meant to be... what I brought to ruin. I will find my Redemption, and even if things don't turn out the way I desire, they will turn out the way they are meant to be. For now that means following my path of self-improvement, and remaining the decent father I have become... the decent man who was inside me all along, waiting to come out. And after those priorities, being the Jedi I was meant to be. In doing so, my future is already brighter.

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Announcements : Announcements from the Council
Posted by Kyp_Durron on 2014/7/17 23:20:00 (1413 reads)

The Council has been hard at work getting caught up on agenda items and getting things reorganized. Most recently, we discussed and passed the following:

1. Requirements for current Knights, Masters, and Council Members' training.

2. Updated Rank structure within the Temple of the Jedi Force.

3. Eligibility Requirements for Council Members.

Please click the article and read below for details.

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