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News by the same author admin

2013/2/4 11:59:23Software upgrade11900
2012/12/26 22:57:01Happy Holidays9440
2012/10/2 21:30:05Vote.11380
2012/4/2 9:14:31Temple of the Jedi Force Website Downtime15170
2011/3/16 21:30:002011 ANNUAL JEDI GATHERING NEW CANEY, TX October 14-16, 201169510
2010/11/11 17:04:30Temple of the Jedi Force is working as it should.18470
2010/11/11 8:40:00We are working on the site13990
2010/3/25 23:52:47Knight's and Masters to get new member notifications17250
2009/12/30 22:16:17This year I resolve to... 12680
2009/7/3 5:16:41Temple Site Update13060
2009/6/6 23:22:36Name changes15640
2009/5/27 4:00:00Name Changes == Important Update14450
2009/5/25 21:20:00Name Changes12580
2009/2/12 1:00:00The Jedi Code34660
2009/2/10 1:20:00Enter the Temple57418
2009/2/6 7:28:59Check out these Youtube Videos19500
2008/5/18 6:13:44Council Disbanded29710
2008/4/22 22:40:15There will be an initiate training class today14780
2008/2/13 3:00:00Council Approves Jedi Master Nemo as Temple Knight Marshall10320
2008/1/25 23:00:00Message Board Reorganization13860
2007/12/1 8:51:05Take a look at the calendar10760
2007/8/28 6:50:00Reorganization of Apprentice Study Forums10160
2007/8/1 20:20:00TeamSpeak server IP address has changed.8840
2007/6/30 6:44:07Watto's Junkyard, the Temple Classified Section10880
2007/4/7 12:50:00Code of Conduct10960
2007/3/23 20:00:00Current Teamspeak Information13450
2007/3/17 6:30:00Can you feel the power?9020
2007/3/10 20:50:00Did you have email on our server?8440
2007/2/24 6:43:45Temple of the Jedi Order, the Texas Corporation11295
2007/2/21 6:49:14Jedi Council, stabilizing, strengthening this site10100
2007/2/20 3:57:18Temple Maintenance and Upgrades.7780
2007/2/19 15:40:00Have you been banned without cause by the Phelan?8550
2007/2/17 21:40:00Here we go again9931
2006/12/14 16:20:00Please halt all administrative activities for a moment10690
2006/10/22 8:10:00Are you getting a firewall page?10270
2006/10/4 8:54:02Membership Forms9600
2006/10/2 15:00:00Announcing -- Classified Ads9400
2006/10/1 10:00:00A halt on advancement?93310
2006/9/25 9:50:00Google Maps Updated - New FORMS Database9560
2006/9/3 18:00:00Server Migration8220
2006/8/23 1:00:00The old picture gallery is going away10040
2006/5/13 1:45:35Study Materials Online and Available Now16060
2006/4/14 5:40:00Software Upgrade Continues102710
2006/4/13 20:16:08Major Software Upgrade9840
2006/3/25 18:03:53Thank you Scott D.9730
2006/3/24 12:20:00All is well in the Temple9180
2006/1/31 23:50:00Photo Gallery Added11510
2005/12/14 7:10:00CSS (Style Sheet Issues)10860
1970/1/1 15:30:00Content that must be deleted from this site8090
Total of 49 articles 70857 
2007/10/10 6:10:00oldCode of Conduct18410
Total of 1 articles 1841 
Member Contributions
2012/11/9 21:17:53President's call isn't worth getting out of bed.19824
2012/4/6 17:03:50Website Upgrades21970
2012/3/30 15:09:41Tummo is a Buddhist inner fire meditation27960
2011/2/4 16:52:52Third item for review: Alan Watts: A converstation with myself part 322570
2011/1/28 20:50:00Next item for review93980
2011/1/24 22:04:13Let's Review19250
2010/2/3 18:40:00When you put it like that ...16380
2009/3/3 21:00:00Practice Jediism, the Jedi Religion, Become a Jedi Knight60068
2009/1/21 4:00:00A new age for a new America32010
2008/4/17 1:40:00Sukhavati - A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell - Part 317550
2008/4/14 6:30:00Sukhavati - A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell - Part 214820
2008/4/12 6:00:00Sukhavati - A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell - Part 115440
2008/3/28 21:50:00Get $25 by signing up for the new Paypal -- Revolution Money Exchange13100
2008/3/2 1:40:00Request for Information10400
2008/2/21 0:10:00Update on the Knight's Marshall office10380
2006/10/29 4:30:00What is this place11280
2006/9/28 1:00:00We've got to talk!8520
2006/9/27 15:30:00Over 2 Million Served8480
2006/9/13 9:50:00It's been nice knowng you.9180
2006/3/22 12:38:44Temple hack reported to the Authorities10230
Total of 20 articles 44338 
2011/11/5 7:43:49Jedi Gym33541
2011/10/28 19:30:00Prince Charles of England is descended from Dracula37680
2011/2/24 19:11:09Study Downloads is having Issues22490
2010/10/18 16:30:00Obama calls student science projects inspiring for the future16960
2010/9/9 2:50:00Quran Burning1000900
2010/2/27 8:30:00A massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake rocked Chile early Saturday15640
2009/11/7 1:10:00Healthcare for all Americans16390
2008/1/28 18:00:00Force strong for new Jedi church83570
2007/7/3 4:10:00Reiki Meditation Tutorial17540
2007/3/1 19:10:00New Feature: My Shortcuts14640
2006/4/26 3:00:00Jedi 'religion' grows in Australia57651
1970/1/1 11:50:00Force strong for new Jedi church10400
1970/1/1 11:40:00Force strong for new Jedi church 8710
1969/12/31 21:40:00Man Who Attacked Founder of Jedi Church Gets Suspended Sentence10580
Total of 14 articles 134669 
Start Here!
2007/11/2 9:20:00Privacy Policy175431
Total of 1 articles 17543 
Temple Doctrine
2015/5/21 19:40:00How to Become a Jedi81448
2006/10/8 12:20:00The Meaning Behind Our Symbol502010