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SubmitterBeginning DateTimeFinishing DateTimeSummaryRecur Rules
Octagon3rd June 2018 Sunday
3rd June 2018 Sunday
FTPC BirthdayEveryyear June Admitted
Jedi_Grayson_Dark22nd June 2018 Friday
22nd June 2018 Friday
Jedi Grayson Dark's BirthdayEveryyear June Admitted
SecretSquirrel16th July 2018 Monday
16th July 2018 Monday
World Squirrel Adoration DayEveryyear July Admitted
daydream19th July 2018 Thursday
19th July 2018 Thursday
Juturna's BirthdayEveryyear July Admitted
jaless21st July 2018 Saturday
21st July 2018 Saturday
jaless birthdayEveryyear July Admitted
Octagon23rd July 2018 Monday
23rd July 2018 Monday
Promotions Committee Re-Electionsevery 6 months 23rd Admitted
Kyp_Durron30th July 2018 Monday
30th July 2018 Monday
Kyp's BirthdayEveryyear July Admitted
Rush17th August 2018 Friday
17th August 2018 Friday
Rush's birthday!Everyyear August
10 times
JohnKenobi24th August 2018 Friday
24th August 2018 Friday
John Kenobi's birthday!Everyyear August
10 times
jacensolo09876625th August 2018 Saturday
25th August 2018 Saturday
Jacensolo's BirthdayEveryyear August Admitted
Crias6th September 2018 Thursday
6th September 2018 Thursday
Crias Birthday.Everyyear September
10 times
starwars16253412th September 2018 Wednesday
13th September 2018 Thursday
Jedi of the Light's BirthdayEveryyear September Admitted
Juvehil_Aurelius_Kae15th September 2018 Saturday
15th September 2018 Saturday
Juvehil Kae's BirthdayEveryyear September Admitted
jedinickhogan29th September 2018 Saturday
29th September 2018 Saturday
Jedi nicks B-Day Everyyear September Admitted
Jtak10th October 2018 Wednesday
11th October 2018 Thursday
Jtak's B DayEveryyear October Admitted
Ang_Kyoshi_Roku13th October 2018 Saturday
13th October 2018 Saturday
Ang-Kyoshi Roku's BirthdayEveryyear October Admitted
Nemo21st October 2018 Sunday
21st October 2018 Sunday
Nemo BirthdayEveryyear October Admitted
cipher-marger24th October 2018 Wednesday
24th October 2018 Wednesday
cipher-marger's birthdayEveryyear October Admitted
Kyp_Durron24th October 2018 Wednesday
25th October 2018 Thursday
Jedi Memorial PyreEveryyear October Admitted
kit_fisto1st November 2018 Thursday
2nd November 2018 Friday
kit_fistos b-dayEveryyear November Admitted
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