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Planet Jedi::Articles

2013/9/9 13:00:00 | 9 reads

It was a lot of hard work, but I think, the results came out very nice!

I am very happy and proud to present to you a dedicated theme for the AdsLight for Theme. module! It will make a website dedicated to advertising products for sale using AdsLight look very professional.

Edit Adslight templates

Original Image


Original Image
Original Image
Original Image
Original Image



Note : theme only works with adslight


http://www.programgezgini.com/modules ... s/singlefile.php?lid=1571

2013/8/29 9:10:00 | 7 reads

I was reading yesterday an interesting article about integrating Impress.js, the awesome JavaScript library that can create absolutely stunning presentations similar to Prezi, into WordPress (see here).

And I was thinking that it would be cool to have something like this for XOOPS users too. How difficult would it be?

So last night I've started working on making a module that could contain presentations and slides in the database.

Using TDMCreate, it went relatively fast, and I am happy to show you the pre-Alpha version of XOOPS Presenter

Original Image

As an example, I took the original presentation from Impress.js, and placed it in the database. Each slide is now served by XOOPS individually, and we can set the options (like rotation, scaling, etc.) for each of them.

So pretty soon XOOPS users will be able to take advantage of the amazing capabilities of this cool JavaScript library.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think...

Just click on the "Slides" link and enjoy the presentation.

I hope, we'll have soon some cool presentations about XOOPS itself, especially since there will be quite few new and exciting things coming in the upcoming weeks and months

BTW - this presentation requires modern browsers, like Chrome. IE will probably fail there.

2013/8/28 1:55:25 | 6 reads

Original Image

xNewsletter 1.1 is now available

xNewsletter is a newsletter-module for Xoops. The modul is based on PHPMailer and PHPMailer-BMH.

- Add option to send newsletters in packages by using a cronjob (goffy)
- Rebuilt importtool based on temporary table (goffy)
- Changed table names to new xoops table scheme (table name starts with mod_) (goffy)
- Added importtool for rmbulletin, xoopsuser, csv, weblinks, smartpartner (goffy)
- Fixed images from xoops (goffy)
- Fixed errors in languages (alfred)
- Fixed error none subscriber for send newsletter (goffy)
- Fixed error in blocks (goffy)

Post bugs, questions and suggestions here

Download current version from here

Short description of basic functions:
- Usage of one or more e-mail-accounts
- Admin of one or more newsletter possible
- Subscription procedure optionally use confirmation system (double-opt-in)
- detailed handling of permissions for subscription procedures
- Newsletter are based on templates
- detailed handling of permissions for groups and newsletter (subscribe, write, send)
- Send: send test mail, resend to all subscribers or only to subscrbers, where sending failed
- Bounced mail handler for handling bounced mails in case of invalid e-mail-addresses
- Optionally syncronisation with mailinglists (e.g. majordomo)
- Maintenace function included
- Creating protocol for the important steps

For details please look into help file.

If you like this module, you can make a small donation for the child climbing group of Naturfreunde Hochburg-Ach (http://naturfreunde-hochburg-ach.at).

2013/8/26 14:20:00 | 4 reads

Original Image

WeBlog is a module to provide a personal Blogging/Journal system for XOOPS Users.

Originally developed by: Hiro SAKAI, ITOH Takashi, Rene Sato

New is this version:

- converted to XOOPS 2.5.6 Admin GUI
- added dynamic WYSIWYG editor selection in Preferences
- added directory checker

Download: in the XOOPS SVN, click on the "Download Snapshot" link.

Please report bugs and any issues in this thread! Thanks for testing!

Also, the module is right now kind of plain looking, so we are looking for designers who would spice it up with some cool templates and make it look very cool!

2013/8/24 2:49:07 | 8 reads

We've created this new Food Theme when we've working on site dedicated to food using the Publisher module. Very soon we'll have new themes compatible with News and Adsense.

Team www.Xoops-Tr.com

Sample Images of the theme:

Original Image

Original Image

Theme Demo :

http://www.programgezgini.com/modules ... s/singlefile.php?lid=1504


New Themes Coming Soon, Future Work In Progress ....

2013/8/14 18:30:00 | 4 reads

Original Image

Portfolio module is a module originally developed by BitC3R0, that can be used for publication of your professional portfolio. The module let you create categories and works, in this way the visitors to your web site will know in detail the projects that you have worked on, and the work you've created.

You can add descriptions, information about clients, references and multiple images for every work you create. The users will learn your work portfolio in an easy and attractive way.

it has now been updated to XOOPS 2.5.6 Admin GUI, and tested on XOOPS 2.5.6 and PHP 5.5.1

Download: XOOPS File Repository

Requirements: XOOPS 2.5.6

2013/8/14 16:55:07 | 4 reads

Original Image

Shoutbox module is a XOOPS module that provides an interactive block and pop-up window for visitors to post and view messages, similar to a chat system.

Originally developed by Tank, and upgraded to Blue Move by Trabis, it has now been updated to XOOPS 2.5.6 Admin GUI, and tested on XOOPS 2.5.6 and PHP 5.5.1

For users of versions 4.x and lower: Classes were added and a lot of the code was rewritten. Database has changed so please do not upload this package over the old Shoutbox module
- Unistall shoutbox
- Delete all files
- Upload new files
- Install Shoutbox

Download: XOOPS File Repository

Requirements: XOOPS 2.5.6

2013/8/9 8:30:00 | 7 reads

Hello everyone,

I am proud to present you a new website: Montecarlo-records.com

Original Image

This site is a music label.

It was built with XOOPS 2.5.6 and modules are :

- News
- Publisher
- XoopsTube
- Xsitemap
- Xforms

A big thanks to Tatane for creation of the graphic theme based on BootStrap with a psd file.

In the near future it will be added the ability to listen and download the music of artists.