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 Temple Technical Questions
Temple Technical Questions
9 How do I post a banner in my signature for the me...

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Requested and Answered by Nassik_Dabak on 29-Oct-2006 00:18 (3664 reads)
How to post and use a Signature Banner

1. In the message boards either post a reply or a new topic.
2. In the Select Editor drop down menu select DHTML Form with xCode.
3. When the page reloads look beneath the words DHTML Form with xCode and click on the button that says “Manager.”
4. On the resulting pop-up window open the drop-down menu on the left and select “Banners” and then click the button that says “Go!”
5. When the page refreshes click on the link that says “Add Image File”
6. When the page refreshes click on the button that says “Browse” and locate the banner you wish to use.
7. After you’ve selected your banner make sure to give it a name.
8. After your banner is named click on the button that says “Submit”
9. When the page reloads you should see a header that says “Image.” Beneath it you should see a banner for Ultranet Domains and, beneath that, should be your signature banner.
10. When you see your banner you will need to scroll the page to the right. To the far right of your banner you will see the text “image/pjpeg” To the right of that you will see three vertically stacked buttons. The one in the middle will say “center” Click that button.
11. Once you’ve clicked the “center” button the pop up page will vanish and you will return to the page where you can type in a post for the message boards. Look in the space where you would type a message... you will see a line of code surrounded by [img*] and [/img*](without the *'s)
12. Highlight this code, right-click, and hit “copy.” This code is very important and is what you need in order to post your banner.
13. After you have copied this line of code hit “cancel” on the message. You aren’t actually posting a message and so you should cancel it.
14. After you’ve cancelled your post go to your edit profile page.
15. Once you are at your edit profile page scroll down until you come to the box where you enter your signature.
16. Left-click in your signature box. When the cursor appears in the box right-click and hit “paste.” This will paste that line of code into your signature. After this you can add text either before or after the image banner if you choose. But, BE SURE that you do not type between the [img*] and [/img*](without the *'s) or your banner will NOT work!
17. After you are finished working with your signature scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says “Save Changes.”

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just added your banner to your signature! Your banner will now appear in all of your posts.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 26-Oct-2006 22:38 (4026 reads)
Ventrilo FAQ
1. What is ventrilo?
It is a voice chat program, just like talking on the phone... except there is no long distance fees, and you can talk with as many people as you want in a single channel.

2. Where do I get it?

3. do I have to pay for the client?
No the client (The part you need to be able to connect to a ventrilo server) is free.

4. How do I install the client and logon to the server?
Double click the client install, it is all automated. Logging on to the server is a little more complicated. You are going to put your user name in first. The go to server, put in the name of the server (this is not where you put the ip in yet, just what you nickname the server). Under that is where the IP goes. The port should be default. If not, it should be 3784. After that, drop in your assigned password if you need one. After you have completed that, then you can push connect and you should connect to the server and you can begin chatting it up. To find out what IP you should use to connect to a server, don't be afraid to ask around.

5. Ettiquite.
There is ettiquite in the servers... be respectful, and when you enter a channel say hello, when you leave say goodbye, and try to be polite otherwise. Also use the push to talk function, because an open or voice activated mic is very annoying for everyone in the server, or channel. If you use the voice activated function, it causes alot of echo and feedback for everyone in the channel.

6. Temple members, please note that this FAQ as well as the voice system are a new rollout as we try to bring yet another asset to the Temple. Report any bugs, corrections or suggestions for clarification to this FAQ, or comments in general by posting a comment on this FAQ page.

Requested by Gavin and Answered by Admin on 18-Apr-2007 09:01 (3561 reads)
You can find instructions on how to upload your own avatar (picture) here.

As for rank, that is set by a temple administrator as you achieve higher levels in rank.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 28-Sep-2006 03:57 (2875 reads)
Our site uses validation through email for new registered users.

For this reason it is generally required to ask a council member, moderator, or someone with Temple Admininstration privlidges to change your email address for you.

To change your email address, the steps to follow go something like this:

1) Ask someone with authority to change the email address for you.

2) That person will ask you to send an email to them personally from both addresses (your old one, and the one you want to change it to.)

3) If we don't know you that well, please don't be offended if we even require a reply from one or both email addresses. This is after all our primary means of identifying the identity of registered users.

4) Once we are sufficiently satisfied that the same person is in control of both email addresses we will then change it for you.

If you have more questions or comments about this FAQ entry please post a comment.


Requested by Purple_saber and Answered by Jedi_Grayson_Dark on 26-May-2008 21:07 (932 reads)

The path of Jediism is not an easy one to walk. To aid in this, we here at the Temple of the Jedi Force have developed a Training Syllabus for all new members (Jedi Initiates) to follow until they are approached by a Knight or Master to be mentored to the rank of Jedi Knight. Here is the syllabus and the descriptions of each rank and their responsibilities:

Jedi Training Syllabus

That which follows is an outline or guide for the induction and training of all Jedi within the Temple of the Jedi Force. This proposal simply names the minimum topics and assignments that all Jedi must meet in Force to progress within the ranks of the Temple. The driving purpose behind this document, like the very creation of the Knight's Marshall's office, is to provide uniformity and commonality for the Temple of the Jedi Force's membership.

This syllabus is merely a guide for those invested and involved in the training of the Temple's membership. Any teacher is free to add to these topics and assignments as they see fit. Added writings, quizzes, discussions, etc. are excellent contributions to the training of Younglings and Apprentices. However, any modification would be left to the sole discretion of the instructing Jedi, just as any teacher in a public school can teach whatever it is that they feel is appropriate so long as they meet state-mandated requirements. Provided, of course, that these minimum requirements are met and completed.

Youngling (Registered User):

A Jedi Youngling, as a newcomer to the Temple, is charged with the responsibility of familiarizing them self with the basic precepts and foundations upon which the Temple of the Jedi Force is based. To this end a Jedi Youngling must keep a journal which is not limited to but must, at minimum, include discussion of the following:

The Jedi Code

16 Teachings of the Jedi

3 Tenets:

The Vows of the Jedi

The Jedi Creed

* After completion of the journal, and with the approval of the Knight’s Marshall’s office, the Jedi Youngling becomes eligible for apprenticeship and the Youngling may then be chosen by either a Knight or a Master to become an Apprentice. The selection process works in only one way... the Knight or Master approaches their Apprentice, not the other way around. A Knight or Master may have multiple Apprentices so long as the number of Apprentices to Knight or Master does not exceed a ratio of to three (3) one (1). Furthermore, a Jedi Youngling may reject a Knight or Master that approaches them as a teacher. The Jedi Youngling will remain eligible to become an Apprentice indefinitely until they are approached by a Knight or Master who they wish to work with.


An Apprentice’s primary responsibility is to familiarize them self with the membership of the Temple, to learn of the Force through the wisdom and teachings of their master, to begin taking an active role in the formulation and maintenance of the Temple, and to gain an understanding of what it means to be a Jedi.

Cover the Joseph Campbell material found in the Study Downloads module and and other materials therein contained that the Knight or Master wishes to assign their Apprentice(s).

Read I, Jedi by Michael Stackpole. *This is optional and left to the discretion of the Master.

The Jedi Trials (Two-page essay on how the Apprentice has faced these trials):

The Trial of Skill
The Trial of the Flesh
The Trial of Courage
The Trial of the Spirit

* This essay is to be assigned by the Knight or Master to their Apprentice at the time that the teacher feels is appropriate. The completed essay must be read and approved by the training Knight or Master. Furthermore, after approval by the Apprentice’s master the essay must then be submitted for review by the entirety of the Jedi Council (which means that each council member must read the essay before voting on whether or not the Apprentice in question is worthy of promotion to the rank of Jedi Knight). Following the reading of the Apprentice’s essay a council member can vote for or against the Apprentice’s promotion to the rank of Jedi Knight. In order for an Apprentice to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight they must have the majority vote of the Jedi council in favor of their promotion and must be at least eighteen (18) years of age although seventeen (17) years of age is possible in the most exemplary and extraordinary of Apprentices.

An Apprentice must retain this rank for a minimum of nine months before becoming eligible for advancement to the rank of Jedi Knight.


A Jedi Knight’s primary responsibility is the education and training of Jedi Apprentices. A Knight may volunteer to aid in the education of Younglings as well if the volunteered assistance is accepted by the office of the Knight’s Marshall. In such a case the energies and efforts of the Knight in question are to be directed by the office of the Knight’s Marshall and the Knight must adhere to and obey the assignments of that office.

A Jedi Knight may become a Master after successfully training an Apprentice to the rank of Knight. Though this is the most common manner, it is not always the case. The rank can also be achieved through significant contribution to the Temple of the Jedi Force in some capacity (such as lore, special program(s), a body of written doctrine or other written works, etc). If there is a significant contribution made to the Temple of the Jedi Force (this excludes any and all financial contributions) the Knight in question can be nominated by one or more council members to be voted to the rank of a Jedi Master. Full promotion to the rank of Jedi Master is contingent upon the majority vote of the Council in favor of the promotion, this includes the instance of a Knight training an Apprentice to the rank of Jedi Knight.

A Knight must retain this rank for a minimum of nine months before becoming eligible for advancement to the rank of Jedi Master.


A Jedi Master’s primary responsibility is to continue in all of the duties of a Jedi Knight. The education of Apprentices and Younglings is still of great concern to a Jedi Master and a Master is still capable of taking on Apprentices of their own. In addition to these existing responsibilities every Jedi Master may be called upon to assume moderation control of the Temple of the Jedi Force’s message board forum(s). This additional responsibility helps to ensure that the Temple’s message boards have moderation at nearly all times and that each Jedi Master takes responsibility for the content and conduct of the Temple of the Jedi Force’s message boards, where all members congregate (from the newest Youngling to the longest-standing Jedi Council member).

--As far as learning lightsaber forms, currently there are no true forms as such. Rather, there are many different forms of sword combat training that you may pick up and study that are the basis of some of the lightsaber forms mentioned in the novels. This Temple in particular houses many martial artists in attendance and many of us are students of the sword. You need only ask.

Good Luck and May the Force be With You,
Jedi Grayson Dark

Requested and Answered by Admin on 28-Mar-2006 18:25 (4477 reads)
It seems the talent of those drawn to this site knows no bounds.

Jax Secura shared some short-cuts to his approach to making these pics and we are reproducing a portion of that thread in this FAQ system for permanant reference.

Jax's method is as follows:

... I use Adobe Photoshop. I didn't use any presets. Here's the steps I followed. If you are not familiar with Photoshop please refer to the Video version of this tutorial by clicking the link below.

Open the image file you want to add a lightsaber effect to.

Create a new layer.

Draw the outline of the "core" with the Polygonal Lasso tool.

Flood fill the selected area white with the Paint Bucket Tool.

Duplicate this layer three times. (If your image is smaller you can get away with only one or two copies)

Select the original layer of the core.

Under the "Layer" menu, select "Layer Style" and "Outer Glow" Change the color to white and move the "Opacity" slider to 100%. Under "size" leave it at 5 px and click ok. This softens the edges of the core.

Select the next layer of core and repeat the previous step, this time change the color to what you want for your lightsaber. Do this to each layer of core that you have left just increase the size of the glow by a factor of 2 for each layer (core- 5, first color layer=10, then 20, and finally 40). And voila!

Play around with the different settings within the Outer Glow window to get the look that you want. Depending on the size and detail of your image the settings will vary.

This tutorial is now available on flash video! Video Lightsaber Tutorial for Photoshop

The audio will start right away. Once the video image appears, restart the video and the Audio and video will play.

Everone is welcome to contribute to this FAQ just as they are to the Forums.


Requested and Answered by Admin on 24-Mar-2006 06:22 (5323 reads)
[This FAQ Last Updated on 4/4/2006]

First, an Avatar is the little picture that appears next to members posts, and in other areas of the site.

To upload your own avatar you must be logged in, and from the user menu click View Account, then click Avatar which is a link near the top.

There will be an option to browse to your local hard drive to locate the file you want to upload as your avatar.

Select it, and you will be returned to the Temple site with the full path to your local hard drive already filled in.

Then select the Submit button and you should be good to go.

Keep in mind that an avatar can be no larger than 120X120 pixels, and no more than 35,000 bytes.

Members are not allowed to upload their own avatar until at least 20 posts have been made to the system. That could be for example 6 posts in the Message Boards, 3 pictures to the Photo Galleries, and Submit an Article for the News system, or any combination there of.

Generally speaking, it's not very hard to reach the 20 post milestone. Just get into the message boards and tell us about yourself, and ask a few questions.

Requested and Answered by Admin on 21-Mar-2006 02:00 (3278 reads)
When you click on the SmartFAQ link in the community menu you are presented with two new options. Submit a Q&A, and Request a Q&A.

Submit a Q&A when you have seen a question appear in the forums a few times and know the answer.

Request a Q&A when you're puzzled about something and need clarification.

By using this powerful system we create a more friendly and welcoming Temple site for the next visitor.

Thanks for all you do to help build this Temple,

Requested and Answered by Admin on 09-Mar-2006 16:29 (1450 reads)
On This Site, privlidges are granted by being made a member of a "Group."

It breaks down something like this, an unregistered member, or a member that is registered but has not logged on is by default a member of the Anonymous Group. Anonymous users can look around all they want, but can not post anything. There are areas of the site "hidden" to anonymous users.

When a fully registered member has logged on they become a member of the Registered User group. Registered users are able to post messages, and pretty much participate in all areas of the site.

Moderators are members of a special group that allows them editorial control over certain areas the site. For example, Joe-Bob could be a Moderator over the News and Articles area, and thus would have control over what displays on in the spotlight area of the home page, or any other area of the News and Articles section of this site.

Finally, we have the Webmaster Group. Membership in the webmaster group allows access and edit privlidges to the entire site.

The only Group you can request membership to is Registered Users. You do that when you sign up and get a username and password.

Membership to the Moderators group is granted from time to time to members that have contributed unselfishly and genuinely to whatever area they are participating in. We would ASK someone to be a moderator because of the body of their work and their grasp of the technical challenge of being a moderator.

It is unlikely that there will be any new Webmasters in the near future. But again, when the time comes to add a new webmaster, they will be chosen from the Members/Moderators because of their contribution to the site and there level of technical expertise.

And lastly there is me, the Admin. On this site I am simply a Webmaster with no more or less privlidges than any other Webmaster. Outside the site though, I am responsisble for hosting the site, making backups, software upgrades, responding to bug reports, adjusting various settings for email notices, Apache/PHP/MySQL stuff, and about 1000 other things that people on the site hopefully never have to concern themselves with.

So what about Rank? What is "Not too shy to talk", "Just can't stay away", "Charter member", etc....?

These are honorary titles given to a member in recognition of some level of contribution to the site.