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Temple of the Jedi Force : Jediism-The Religion of the Force

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1. What is Jediism?
Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 16:34 (1438 reads)
Jediism is a modern conglomeration of widely accepted adaption of beliefs. George Lucas portrayed an already growing trend of people combining beliefs trying to form a unified religion. When he created the Star Wars saga, he portrayed this so well, using various aspects of Taoism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Mysticism, and many other Religions' universal truths as well as a combination of different martial arts, and the Code of Chivalry, in order to create the Jedi and the philosophies behind the Force. The Jedi are modern versions of the Shao Lin Monk, the European Knight, and the Samurai Warrior all mixed together. The Jedi religion has become an inspiration and a way of life for many people throughout the world who take on the mantle of Jedi. Even though the name Jediism is fairly new, it is just as real as the ancient faiths and philosophies that it came from.

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