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What is a Jedi Specialization Group?
Requested and Answered by Octagon on 30-Oct-2014 14:12 (1352 reads)
After an Initiate completes their training with the Knight Marshall's, they may pick an area of specialized study. These areas of study are known as training groups. These groups are based on the area of study the Initiate feels he or she is most drawn towards.

If an Apprentice feel they have chosen the wrong group they may transfer to another with their teachers approval.

When an Apprentice has chocen their group they can send a personal message to any site admin and their status will be updated.

Apprentices and Knights have access to only one training group. Master have access to all three.

Specialized groups

Descriptions as taken from the book, The Jedi Path.

Jedi Sentinel
A Jedi Sentinel is the name given to one of the three Jedi Orders, and is considered the middle ground to the other Orders.

Jedi Sentinels receive adequate knowledge in both combat skills and knowledge of the Force, utilizing both skills when necessary. This Order is also unlike the other two; they realize that the Force has limitations and they are not blinded by faith.

Where a Guardian would break down a door, or a Consular would simply knock, a Sentinel would use their skills and ingenuity to pick the lock. Oftentimes, it was common that they may learn a series of non-Force associated skills such as security, demolitions or stealth techniques, as well as ingenuity.

Jedi Sentinels often take on tasks not well suited to the other Orders, preferring to stay in one place for a long period of time. Jedi Sentinels also practiced specialized techniques in the Force. A favored Force technique was a special form of Force Immunity that, combined with their increased mental conditioning, protected against outside mental influences, even Force-based attacks to guard them from effects such as fear or paralysis.

Although not often lit unless necessary in a situation, most Sentinels utilize a yellow blade in their light-saber, although like the other Orders, they are free to choose whichever color they feel best suited to. Most Sentinels believe that nobody deserves death and that everyone deserves a shot at redemption.


Descriptions as taken from the book, The Jedi Path.

Jedi Guardian
Jedi Guardians are needed to prevent the spread of evil and keep the peace, through combat if necessary.

Concentrating on martial training and their combat skills, the Jedi Guardians will engage in combat more often than the Consular or Sentinel Paths of the Jedi Order.

Descended from their Progenitors whose role were to defend the weak and uphold the laws of the Galactic Republic. The Guardians are often seen as the representative of the Jedi Order.

Spending most of their time honing their Martial skills, Jedi Knights who chose the path of the Guardian are often seen choosing a blue coloured crystal for their saber.

Although they spent much of their time honing their Saber skills, their force abilities were in no way inferior to that of the Jedi Consular, they were just as capable of using the force.

Weapons Master
Lightsaber Instructor
Peace Keeper

Descriptions as taken from the book, The Jedi Path.

Jedi Consular
The path of the Jedi is one of harmony, one that avoids violence and seeks to unite living beings through the peace of the Force. Jedi Guardians are needed to prevent the spread of evil, but it is the Jedi Consulars who uphold the central precepts of the Jedi Code.

The Consulars seek diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony throughout the galaxy. Refraining from drawing their light-sabers (many Consulars wielded a green bladed light-saber) except as a measure of last resort, Consulars spend a great deal of time studying the mysteries of the Force.

Concentrating on mental refinement through study and meditation, Consulars seek to perfect the art of diplomacy and mediation, hoping to calm a tense situation or mend hurt feelings through civil discourse, reasoning, and parley, rather than drawing their light-sabers and cutting down an attacker.

Profound skill with the Force is the mark of a Jedi Consular. The greatest Healers, Seers, Prophets and Researchers have come from the ranks of the Jedi Consular. Consulars can be outstanding fighters if pushed, but are more likely to rely on Force talents.


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