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What the 7th teaching of the Jedi is?
Requested and Answered by Admin on 12-Mar-2006 06:46 (4209 reads)
7. Jedi are mindful of the negative emotions which lead to the Dark Side: Anger, Fear, Aggression, and Hate. If we sense these emotions manifesting within ourselves, we must meditate on the Jedi Code and focus on purging these destructive emotions.

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Published: 2011/5/22 9:59  Updated: 2011/5/22 9:59
Joined: 2011/5/22
From: Central Europe, Poland, Cracow
Comments: 143
 Expansion pack for the 7th teaching.
I guess, [grand]master Yoda was right saying: "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate[hatred?], hate[hatred?] leads to suffering". I'd like to expand it a bit.

First thing, example: You are afraid of darkness, because You imagine, that an alien [from 'Alien'] can come out and eat You. Than You think for Yourself: no! i will not be like this! [anger is rising!!] i WILL NOT BE SCARED! And here are at least two possibilities: 1) You are not afraid anymore and sleep calmly for the rest of Your life, or 2) You can't overcome fear with anger, so next thing that comes to Your mind is: "i hate these aliens [as if their existence was ensured..]" - and You start crying, because You find Yourself unable to deal with a problem.

That was the Sith way of doing things. If Your anger cannot overcome problem, You are probably destroyed [in this example - mentally], or badly hurt with Your mind filled with hatred.

In the example, one will find out, that there are about 50% chances for both 1) & 2), but in a more serious case this percentage will be like: 0-20% positive outcome, 80-100% negative outcome. [circumstances: You are alone with Your problem, and trying solving it using anger. When anyone is willing to help/helping You - chances for the positive outcome are greater [another if] if one who is helping is not 'unhelpful' [is not strengthening Your anger], but is trying to calm You down, and find a reasonable [and/or intuitive] solution.

That will be the way of the Jedi. Probably harder, but giving a great profit. When You are in trouble, don't do things in rush [Patience is reccomended], if a solution does not come to You as soon, as You meet the problem, try meeting someone You know You can trust - don't underestimate people just because of their looks, or not being too intelligent. Rarest species are being found on the nearly barren lands - sometimes the best ideas come from people, who are thout to be completly stupid, but it's not the main case in this post [though important], the most important is teachings' dependence on each other [for example 7th can be easly done, when You are acting as written in 6th [patiently]].

Thanks for reading, i guess that was even too much as for a 'short' comment.
So a short end: to sum up - don't give up to Your anger, when You have a problem that You cannot solve on Your own - ask another people, maybe family, meditate - force will help You find the best solution - with peace of mind and patience.

May the force be with You - reader!
Published: 2007/3/9 5:18  Updated: 2007/3/9 5:18
Joined: 2007/3/9
Comments: 12
hi i had a prob with mom about my religon insted of getting anger i told her that i value her opinion and that i love her thanks to the code of the jedi im more happy and so is she