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What is the 10th teaching of all Jedi?
Requested and Answered by Admin on 12-Mar-2006 07:09 (4520 reads)
10. Jedi believe in destiny and trust in the will of the Force. We accept the fact that what seems to be random events are not random at all, but the design of the Force. Each living creature has a purpose, understanding that purpose comes with a deep awareness of the Force. Even things that happen which seem negative have a purpose, though that purpose is not easy to see.

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Published: 2016/9/24 12:46  Updated: 2016/9/24 12:46
Joined: 2014/7/28
From: Portland, Oregon
Comments: 211
 all paths lead to one.
i believe destiny is not a single path, instead it is many, many paths. each choice we make fashion a new blip in the grand scheme of things. when we choose to accept or deny a truth, it doesnt mean that its the exact stoneground course to our destiny. i believe that simply accepting the truth without further studying or questioning it is blind faith, but ultimately denying it is a step backwards. When we make a choice we open another pathway, but at the end, all things eventually catch up, as there is only the Force. a Living Force, a Single force, all choices and paths are part of one grand path. that path is The Force.
Published: 2010/9/21 15:32  Updated: 2010/9/21 15:32
Joined: 2010/9/15
From: UK
Comments: 235
 Re: Jedi
there is no choice i see only destiny created by the force

if you face a choice the force already know what choice your are going to make and therfore it was you desting to choose that choice
Published: 2008/6/19 2:13  Updated: 2008/6/19 2:13
Joined: 2006/11/26
From: South Africa
Comments: 5
Destiny and choice are mutually exclusive. To compromise in either one defiles the definition. Destiny can never accomodate choice/ free will. Think about it. Of the 2 a true Jedi would opt choice it allows for purpose beyond the ordinary. Destin y is for the ignorant masses who feel the need to have a higher power reaponsible for all actions.
Published: 2008/6/15 2:15  Updated: 2008/6/15 2:15
Joined: 2006/11/26
From: South Africa
Comments: 5
The believe in destiny stems from our desire to have order. Many believe there was no destiny there would be chaos only. A life without purpose. We seem to feel the need that we have a Big Brother watching over us, guiding us. If events in life occur without our conscious desire for them to occur then why do they occur. Who made them. We don't have the answer so we make a compromise with ourselves and put in place an explanation that deals with this problem. Our explanations are invariably not provable or disprovable. So we are safe. Safe in the watchful eye of Big Brother. I believe a true sentient being realises that his destiny is his own. That the unknown need not be feared.
Published: 2007/4/4 5:47  Updated: 2007/4/4 5:47
Joined: 2007/3/9
Comments: 12
 The meaning of the force
the force guides to an everday experience even a boring exprience is a blesing. to be one with the force you must take life for not judging but listening to it becauese everthing has a purpoes so trust in the force and soon enought you shall see the force as a whole. more knowedge and wisdome can be better geting by looking in oneself trust in force my brothers.
Published: 2006/4/27 20:44  Updated: 2006/4/27 20:44
Joined: 2006/4/27
From: The Jedi Temple training grounds
Comments: 2
 Comment on Tenth teaching of the jedi
Actually i've figured out that destiny is all about choice. Say there were two paths one lead to poverty the other leads to wealth. Well every choice you make
defines destiny "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves" That is what J.C. said in T2 that best sums it up. If you chose to be rich then you may be rich if you chose to be poor then you will be poor.