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Temple of the Jedi Force : Jediism-The Religion of the Force

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Requested by Admin and Answered by Cooper3060 on 24-Feb-2007 18:35 (3942 reads)
Just a question...

Is there a real difference between basing a religion on a cohesive mythology brought to light by a series of films and one based on collected ancient stories from a variety of near-eastern cultures and cobbled together by scribes and churchmen?

I think not.

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Published: 2012/9/14 12:17  Updated: 2012/9/14 12:17
Joined: 2012/9/14
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 I do not speak English
<p>I do not speak English. Can I become a student? I'm sorry if I do not write back.</p>
Published: 2010/9/23 10:54  Updated: 2010/9/23 10:54
Joined: 2010/9/15
From: UK
Comments: 235
 Re: What is Jediism?
so what is jediism?
Published: 2010/8/16 6:03  Updated: 2010/8/16 6:03
Joined: 2010/8/9
From: Portland Oregon
Comments: 2901
 Re: What is Jediism?
Seriously, the above named guy is right. Though how it could be expanded upon, I'm not sure as I'm but an initiate at this point. If I eventually make it to the rank of master & this has not been expanded upon, I intend to make it a personal high priority.
Published: 2008/2/29 2:33  Updated: 2008/2/29 2:33
Honorary Master
Joined: 2006/8/30
Comments: 378
 What is Jediism?
Think this article needs updating a bit.