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How do I post a banner in my signature for the message boards?
Requested and Answered by Nassik_Dabak on 29-Oct-2006 00:18 (3655 reads)
How to post and use a Signature Banner

1. In the message boards either post a reply or a new topic.
2. In the Select Editor drop down menu select DHTML Form with xCode.
3. When the page reloads look beneath the words DHTML Form with xCode and click on the button that says “Manager.”
4. On the resulting pop-up window open the drop-down menu on the left and select “Banners” and then click the button that says “Go!”
5. When the page refreshes click on the link that says “Add Image File”
6. When the page refreshes click on the button that says “Browse” and locate the banner you wish to use.
7. After you’ve selected your banner make sure to give it a name.
8. After your banner is named click on the button that says “Submit”
9. When the page reloads you should see a header that says “Image.” Beneath it you should see a banner for Ultranet Domains and, beneath that, should be your signature banner.
10. When you see your banner you will need to scroll the page to the right. To the far right of your banner you will see the text “image/pjpeg” To the right of that you will see three vertically stacked buttons. The one in the middle will say “center” Click that button.
11. Once you’ve clicked the “center” button the pop up page will vanish and you will return to the page where you can type in a post for the message boards. Look in the space where you would type a message... you will see a line of code surrounded by [img*] and [/img*](without the *'s)
12. Highlight this code, right-click, and hit “copy.” This code is very important and is what you need in order to post your banner.
13. After you have copied this line of code hit “cancel” on the message. You aren’t actually posting a message and so you should cancel it.
14. After you’ve cancelled your post go to your edit profile page.
15. Once you are at your edit profile page scroll down until you come to the box where you enter your signature.
16. Left-click in your signature box. When the cursor appears in the box right-click and hit “paste.” This will paste that line of code into your signature. After this you can add text either before or after the image banner if you choose. But, BE SURE that you do not type between the [img*] and [/img*](without the *'s) or your banner will NOT work!
17. After you are finished working with your signature scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says “Save Changes.”

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just added your banner to your signature! Your banner will now appear in all of your posts.

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