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This is the Fact , Answer , Question for the Temple of the Jedi force..
It answers various questions about who we are what we do.
While it will not answer the meaning of life it will however provide information pertaining to the temple and Jedism
35 What is a Jedi Specialization Group?

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Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 14:04 (449 reads)
Sith may join the Temple of the Jedi Force as long as they understand that we do not permit their teachings here. However, the spirit of learning, we will not forbid them their opinion on subjects or their wanting to learn from us. Grey Jedi may also join and learn from us here as well.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 14:02 (408 reads)
Yes. All are welcome to the Temple. Some may come here to learn to be a Jedi, others, because they are curious.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 14:00 (435 reads)
You may still complete the Knights Marshall Program to learn the basics of Jediism here at the Temple, and you may also participate in chatroom classes and learning threads. However, unless you have a Knight or Master as a mentor, you cannot progress in rank.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:52 (407 reads)
The Jedi Code is a series of lines with meaning to help layout the meaning and path of a Jedi. There are several different versions. It is a required assignment for all Jedi students that they learn the code and it’s meaning and live by it.

The Orthodox Jedi Code:
There is no Emotion; There is Peace.
There is no Ignorance; There is Knowledge.
There is no Passion; There is Serenity.
There is no Death; There is the Force.

Additional lines to the Jedi Code:
There is no Chaos; There is Harmony.
There is no Fear; There is Courage.
There is no Foolishness; There is Wisdom.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:48 (419 reads)
While not a requirement of the Temple of the Jedi Force, it is recommended that the Jedi in training learn and practice some type of physical fitness. This will lead to greater acuity and better balance as a person. In great opinion, the martial arts (whether Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Aikido or even boxing) are more beneficial to a sound body with strength, flexibility and endurance and will allow you to learn a great sense of what to do with your good physical health.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:45 (480 reads)
Love is a many splendid thing. This is a strong emotion, and while Jedi are not to be emotionless in total, letting any emotion override your rational thinking and logic can lead to the dark side.

Love is a double edge sword. Through love one can do wonderful, great things-saving lives, changing the course of history for the better and such. But the problem with love is can force someone into making the wrong decision-such as a wife over a country. If you do decide to fall in love, date or marry, understand that if you want to be a Jedi, sometimes your family comes second even if you don’t want to do it.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:43 (356 reads)
No, why would you want to? The benefits of your training can be shared by all members no matter their rank. Also, this allows other members from other Apprentices to Masters to help you learn the ways of being a Jedi.

If you wish, you need not share it with those outside the Temple. It’s understood that your family, friends, and work life may not agree to your views about Jediism. There is no shame in wanting a private path/studies.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:34 (462 reads)
It is because not all Jedi Temples have equal training regimens. Every Jedi site has their own standards as to what a knight and master is and does. Furthermore, each master trains their students differently. Communication between sites and Jedi are not always as fluid as they could be, creating some trust issues. We are just as frustrated as you are and we dearly wish we could just promote you to the proper rank you have earned on another site. The 30 Day investigation into the transferring Jedi's claim is to evaluate his ability and character along with the supplemental knowledge that goes along with the rank claimed. We ask for your patience and the willingness to work with us rather than complain and challenge the system.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:32 (402 reads)
Some Jedi do have a set or two of Jedi Robes for official gatherings and functions, but it is not required. Some Jedi feel it makes them feel more “real”. Others prefer to live a quieter life style. Talk to a/your master about your feelings on wearing a robe or not. No one can make you wear one of course.

Requested and Answered by Tempest on 05-Jul-2011 13:29 (407 reads)
Due to the nature of the Temple being on the internet, this is the only viable way of training individuals to become Jedi. If we were a brick and mortar Temple in the regular world, training would be handled differently. Understand that through writing, you can ramble a bit and in that, discover something you weren’t aware of. You will also find this is a great way to strengthen your writing and communication skills.

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